[Studio-Item] Please read this if your submitted item was rejected! [Studio-Item] Please read this if your submitted item was rejected!

[Studio-Item] Please read this if your submitted item was rejected!


Items registered in ZEPETO Studio will be reviewed and released on the ZEPETO app.
If the item approval was rejected during the review process, check the reason for the rejection in the following ways.

  1.  Log in to ZEPETO Studio 
  2. Enter item menu from the console screen
  3. Check the review status item in the item list

Please refer to the following and resubmit the item!

Types How to Improve

1. Rejected due to 'violation of community guidelines'.

If you violate the ZEPETO Community Guidelines, you may be rejected from the item review.
For more information on community guidelines violations, please check the link below.

2. Rejected due to 'violation of thumbnail guidelines'.

If the item is not well represented, there is a lack of relevance, or if it is judged to be a thumbnail that is difficult for users to recognize, it may be rejected during the review process.
When uploading an item, it is recommended to use a thumbnail that is automatically generated on the 'Details' screen.
For more information on violating thumbnail guidelines, please check the link below.

3. Rejected due to lack of completion.

If there is a cut/boundary line in a specific appearance and pose, or if there an empty space or tear during the item review, the item may be rejected.
Before submitting the item, we recommend that you test it on the ZEPETO app to see if there are any problems.

To check if there are any problems with the items before submitting the review, please refer to Things to check before submission. Please check the link below for more information on the lack of completeness.

4. Rejected due to an 'invalid category'.

If the category of the item is not set correctly, it may be rejected in the item review.
Examples and details of the wrong category can be found through the link below.

5. Rejected with the message 'Please check Blender Shape Guide's <Unity Chekclist>'

For items to be worn as headwear, the color may be unintentionally changed due to the Color Picker of the hair being applied, as it falls under the hair category. That is why it needs to be edited from item refrainment.

If you want to edit the item, please check the editing method through the Blend Shape Creation Guide.

6. Rejected for 'copyright violation'.

If the license information for 3D or 2D item resources is not written, or if the rights or interests of a third party are violated by using other people's works, specific people, or trademarks, it may be rejected by the review due to 'copyright violation'.

If you have not filled in the license information, please fill in the license information for the resource. For more information on copyright violations, please check the link below.

7. Rejected with the message 'Please check the 3D - Deformation Custom Guide'

For special body type items, due to the nature of the category, they should not be overlapping with the existing body type.
If the item is changed according to the body type change, please check the editing method through the Deformation Custom Guide and submit it again.


Please understand that it is difficult to provide individual guidance on the reasons for refusal, as that may limit the creativity and review efficiency of item creation.

The ZEPETO team will continue to reinforce the Item Creation Guide and provide related help, so that the Creators can create more complete Items.