[build it] I'm want to know why my World was rejected [build it] I'm want to know why my World was rejected

[build it] I'm want to know why my World was rejected


The submitted World is reviewed according to internal regulations so that ZEPETO's diverse users can use it safely and pleasantly.

If the World approval was rejected during the review process, please refer to the reasons for rejection below and resubmit it.


1. Violation of copyright/portrait rights (see details)
- If images inserted in the World, such as thumbnail, screenshot, and custom object images, violate the copyright and portrait rights of others, they may be rejected in the review. If you use an image with copyright/portrait rights, please thoroughly check the custom image you used as it may be the reason for rejection.


2. Lack of thumbnail completeness (see details)
- Thumbnails may be rejected during the review process if they do not represent the World well, lack relevance, or it is difficult for users to recognize. Look at the link below to check if your registered thumbnail fits the examples, then correct it and resubmit it!


3. Violation of community guidelines (see details)
- ZEPETO is committed to creating a safe environment. If some of the images and texts inserted in the thumbnail/screenshot/custom object images are content that implies exposure or violence, or are deemed to violate the rights of others, the World may be rejected. Please check the submitted image once again.


4. Error in service (see details)
- If there are too many objects in build it or the data size of the map is too large, the World may be difficult to play smoothly and may be rejected by the screening. We recommend that you simplify complex structures or optimize them by reducing the number of objects.


Please understand that it is difficult to provide individual guidance on the reasons for refusal, in order to prevent the deterioration of the creativity and review efficiency of World production. The ZEPETO team will continue to reinforce the World Creation Guide and related help so that Creators can create a more complete World.