Notes for Greeters	Notes for Greeters

Notes for Greeters


Congrats and welcome Greeters! Before you begin greeting new users, please read the following guidelines!

1. Joining the Greeter Community
We sent you an invitation link to the Greeter Community through in-app DM. To join the Greeter Community, you need to click on that link. It's on Discord, and you need to verify your phone number to enter the server.
*You must join the Greeter Community (Discord) first to access Greeter benefits/privileges!

2. Activity Guide
If you're not sure what to do as a Greeter, please read the Greeter Activity Guide in the Greeter Community!

3. Maintaining Greeter Privileges
Your Greeter privileges can be taken away if you:

-Do not log in to ZEPETO for 30 days or more
-Violate our Community Guidelines
-Do not follow Greeter Program Guidelines such as: not using the Welcome Room or leaving mean comments on new users' posts. Please always be nice!
-Do not follow the Greeter Community(Discord) rules

4. Use public channels
Please refrain from engaging privately with new users. Instead, we strongly recommend that you use public channels such as Feed and World Welcome rooms to greet our new users! If a new user sends you a DM, you can talk to them to give them information about ZEPETO.