Safety tips for New Users Safety tips for New Users

Safety tips for New Users


Welcome to ZEPETO! Did a Greeter guide you to this post? We hope you have a great time on ZEPETO with the help of our Greeters.

What is a Greeter?
A Greeter is a real person who uses ZEPETO and has been chosen to welcome and help new users like you!
Greeters are there to help you. So you can ask our Greeters any questions you have about using ZEPETO.

Want to learn more? Check out the document below for more information. 

[What is Greeter program?]

We encourage you to block Greeters if you do not wish to interact with them.
We encourage our community to speak up and report any potentially violative activity or behavior from our Greeters. Our Trust and Safety team can respond to your reports more quickly and accurately if you provide as many details as you can when submitting reports.

[Check Block/Report Guidelines]