(BETA) Support Creator Program Guide (BETA) Support Creator Program Guide

(BETA) Support Creator Program Guide


Support your favorite creators!

When you top up your ZEPETO balance through the official web Credit Shop, you'll receive additional bonuses, and the creators you support will benefit, too!

  • Supporter: When you top up ZEMs or Coins in the web Credit Shop, a portion of your payment will be donated to the creator you've designated to patronize, and you'll earn more bonuses.
  • Creators: You will receive a portion of your patrons' payments as revenue.

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(BETA) Creator Support Program Basics

  • Program period: Wednesday, May 15, 00:00 - Sunday, July 7, 23:59 (KST)
  • Who is eligible: Creators selected for the Support Program
  • How to apply
    1. Access the ZEPETO official web Credit Shop, log in, and click the [Add a creator to support] button at the top.
      • Support will only be given to creators if the Supporter has registered them before making a payment.
    2. Enter the ZEPETO ID of the creator you want to support and register.
    3. After registration is complete, when you make a payment for ZEM or Coin products through the web Credit Shop, a portion of the payment amount will be donated to the creator.
      • The creator will be rewarded in proportion to the amount you paid.
      • Donations accumulate and are calculated at 1.5% of the payment amount (the average percentage varies by country).
      • The donation amount may vary depending on the Supporter's country.


Please note

  • This is a BETA program and some of its aspects may change when the program is officially launched in the future.
  • Only eligible creators can register as Supported Creators in the BETA program.
  • Support donations will be paid only if the payment is made through ZEPETO's official web credit shop. Payments made through the ZEPETO app or Coda Shop will not be reimbursed to creators.
  • Payments made before/after the BETA program period will not be reimbursed.
  • The donation amount accumulates based on the payment amount and may vary depending on the Supporter's country of payment (1.5% per country on average).
  • If payment is made using irregular methods or if a refund is issued after payment, the donation will not be reflected.
  • Donations will be settled and paid after the BETA program period ends (A separate announcement regarding donations will be made after the BETA program concludes).




  • Are there any specific products I have to choose to be able to support?
    • All products (ZEM, Coin) sold on the ZEPETO official web credit shop are subject for support.
  • Will a portion of my payment go to the creator?
    • No, we do not give a portion of your payment to the supported creator. You will receive 100% of the goods you paid for, and a certain percentage of your payment will be credited to the creator as a donation.
  • I want to see my support history.
    • During the BETA program, you won't be able to see your support history. We'll work to make this feature available after the program officially launches.
  • What happens to the donation if I cancel my payment?
    • If you cancel your payment, the donated amount from that payment will be canceled as well. Please contact the Web Credit Shop Help Center for more information on refunding your items.
  • I want to change the creator I'm supporting.
    • You can stop supporting a creator by clicking on the creator listed at the top of the Web Credit Shop, and then click the Stop Supporting button. After that you can add another creator again.

Supported Creators

  • When will I receive my donation?
    • Donations will be reflected in a batch after the end of the program. After the BETA program concludes, your donated amount will be calculated in ZEM and sent to your Studio balance.


  • I also want to become a Supported Creator.
    • We'll be expanding the program after the BETA period ends. Thank you for your patience and understanding.