[Zombie Run] Tell me more about Zombie Run. [Zombie Run] Tell me more about Zombie Run.

[Zombie Run] Tell me more about Zombie Run.


How do you play Zombie Run?

When the game starts, players divide into two teams: 
either Humans or Zombies.

When Humans come in contact with the Zombies,
you will become "infected" and then turn into a Zombie.
Within a certain amount of time, the Zombies must infect all Humans.
Humans must try to survive.


What kind of coins can you earn through the zombie game and how many can I earn per round?

There are multiple ways you can earn coins and there are three types of coins that can be obtained in the Zombie game, which are:
1) Acquired Coins, 2) Kill Coins, and 3) Winning Coins.
You can earn up to 200 coins per day in Zombie Run.

Types of Coins:
1) Acquired Coin - Coins that are acquired in-game by just playing Zombie Run.

2) Kill Coin - Coins that are obtained by infecting or "killing" human players as a Zombie. Total Kill Coins earned is calculated by: base (10 coins) x number of persons infected.

3) Winning Coins - Coins earned by winning the match either by making all human players zombies or by staying human. Total Winning Coins earned is calculated by: total reward (70 coins) / number of players remaining on the winning team.


I played Zombie Run, but it looks like I am unable to receive my coins.

The maximum amount of coins that you can earn per day in Zombie Run is 200 coins.

Please check to see if you already earned 200 coins in Zombie Run for the day. Also, if you leave the game in the middle of your session, you will not be able to receive any coins or rewards.


How do you decide who is the winning team?

Human Victory: If Humans are alive at the end of the match, Humans are the winners. However, note that if there are fewer Humans remaining at the end of the match, greater the reward.

Zombie Victory: If there are only Zombies left by the end of the match and successfully infected all Humans, the Zombies are the winners. Remember, more people you infect, greater the rewards!