[ZEPETO WORLD] What is "Observation Mode?" [ZEPETO WORLD] What is "Observation Mode?"

[ZEPETO WORLD] What is "Observation Mode?"


No need to walk around, you can look around and chat with other users using Observation Mode when you are in a World! Here are some guidelines on how to use it:

1. Create an "Observation Mode" room.

▲ Push "Create a room" button in World lobby, and choose "Observation Permission". Choose "Allow". Make room a Public Room and Observation Mode Room will have been successfully created!

2. Enter an "Observation Mode" room.


▲ Press the Search button (looks like a magnifying glass icon) on the top right or click the map you want to enter in the World lobby. Select "Filter", then choose "Allow" in Observation Permission and press confirm. You can enter any room with the word "Observation" in its name. However, make sure you choose Participant/Observer!

3. Change Observation View (Participant View & Drone Cam)

In Observation Mode, you can choose two ways to observe: "Participant View" or "Drone Cam". Choose the mode that you would like and look around...or you can just chat with other users!

-Participant View


▲ You can look around in the point of view of another user who is already in the room. Push the arrow button located bottom right and you can see all the other POVs of different users in the room. Push the human shape button located on the upper left, then touch the camera button next to the username of [Participant List]. Once you do, you can choose the view of a specific user!

-Drone Mode


▲ You can fly around freely with "Drone Cam"! Push the round button with ZEPETO image located to the bottom right and you can turn on the "Drone Cam". Move drone with the pad of left bottom site, and scroll the screen to change view! You can take pictures/movies with camera button. Touch drone shape button of left bottom site to make drone invisible!


▲ To move to Participant view, touch human shape button of upper left-hand side and push "switch to Participant" button.