[ZEPETO WORLD] How can I fish in "ZEPETO WORLD?" [ZEPETO WORLD] How can I fish in "ZEPETO WORLD?"

[ZEPETO WORLD] How can I fish in "ZEPETO WORLD?"


We'll tell you how to catch fish in ZEPETO WORLD Maps. Are you ready to become the fishing master?

▼ You can go fishing in many of the World Maps, click the fish icon to start fishing in the many oceans and lakes and rivers.



▼ First, tap the second button at the bottom left to buy bait at the fishing store. Tap the ring button located at the lower right-hand corner to start fishing!



▼ As soon as a fish starts to bite the bait, there is an indicator that shows a red and yellow bar, which starts filling up. You will know that fishing is a success when it reaches 100%.



▼ You can check all the fishes you caught in the Collection located in the upper right-hand corner. If you fill the Collection, Coin Rewards are waiting for you!16-4.png

Let's explore to become the Fishing master!
※ You can enjoy fishing in Epic Village, Sacred Pond, Cherry Garden, ZEPETO PARK, and Beach Town. 

※ You cannot fish or check the fish encyclopedia in portrait mode, so please fish and use the fish encyclopedia in landscape mode.