[ZEPETO WORLD] What is portrait mode? [ZEPETO WORLD] What is portrait mode?

[ZEPETO WORLD] What is portrait mode?


You can now enjoy ZEPETO WORLD vertically!

Even in portrait mode, you can enjoy various entertainment in the World as is.

▼ If you want to change from landscape mode to portrait mode? Click the "cell phone shape" switch button on the left side of the chat input window at the bottom of the screen.



▼ What if you want to set up and move rooms in portrait mode? Click the ... button on the top right!


Here are more tips on how to enjoy World in vertical mode:

-Moving your avatar in portrait mode

-Using gestures and poses in portrait mode

-Moving to a random room in portrait mode


The functions below cannot be used in portrait mode. Check it out in landscape mode!

-Checking my items in inventory

-Purchasing items from store

-Viewing fishing encyclopedia

-Viewing World quests

-Viewing collaboration collection

-Receiving invite link

-Viewing room announcements

-1:1 chatting

-World mini games (fishing, Toy Story 4 shooting game, ski jump, arm wrestling)

-Viewing mannequins

▼ If you want to return to landscape mode from portrait mode? Press the "cell phone shape" switch button in the lower left corner. You can explore World horizontally again!

Now, let’s explore the world freely in portrait mode and landscape mode!