[ZEPETO WORLD] How do I invite a friend? [ZEPETO WORLD] How do I invite a friend?

[ZEPETO WORLD] How do I invite a friend?


Three Ways to Invite Friends in a World! Want to know how? Check out the guide below!


1. You can invite friends while playing in ZEPETO WORLD!


▲ Tap the icon in the upper right-hand corner of the World Map screen. If a friend is online, you will be able to see an "invite" button. Press the invite button to the tright of the name of the friend you are trying to play with. Once your friend accepts the invite, you are able to hang out with him in the World you have invited them to!


2. You can invite friends after you [Create a Room] in a World! 


 Click the + button on the right side near the top of the World Lobby to create a room. Select which World you want to make a room for and also you can customize how many people you can have in a room, the title, observation permissions, tags, and either to make the room private or public. Also, you can select and invite the friends.


3. Invite a friend from the [Friends] list at the World lobby!


▲ Find your friend's status and location in the [Friends] list. If your friend is online, you'll see a "hangout" button! This will allow you to automatically invite the friend when you create a room.


Invite & Have fun together in ZEPETO WORLD!