[Build it] How do I publish my Creator Map? [Build it] How do I publish my Creator Map?

[Build it] How do I publish my Creator Map?


I'll show you how to publish your own Creator Map!



▼ Click the [Publish] button on the top right of the completed Creator Map!




▼ Now, let's introduce your Creator Map!


[Map name, map introduction] Write your Creator Map name and introduction!

[Thumbnail] Make an image that represents your Creator Map!

[Screenshot] Take a picture of various aspects of the Creator Map! (2~3 pictures)

[Map keyword] Choose keywords that represent the Creator Map! (2~4 keywords)



※ [Map name, map introduction] notes


-Please note that if you enter inappropriate words, you will not be able to publish your creator map!



▼ When you are ready to introduce your map, press the [Request Review] button to publish the Creator Map to your friends!



Each Creator Map created is carefully checked, so it takes 1-3 days on average to be approved from the date of Review Request!

After the Creator Map is published, we will notify you through a notification in the ZEPETO app, so please wait a bit!

You can check the Creator Map Review Guidelines through the link below!

Please tell me about the [Build It] judging guidelines!