Publishing Your Map Publishing Your Map

Publishing Your Map


This is the last step before making your map go live!

You must submit a review request prior to publishing your map to ZEPETO World. We want to ensure that your map follows our policies and guidelines

The review will take about 1-2 weeks so please be patient! Once the creator map is live, you will receive a notification from the ZEPETO App. (Reviews may be delayed during the weekends/holidays). 


▼ Once your creator map is complete, click on Release > OK on the top right of the screen! 



▼ Add information about your map, and click on Request Review


  • Name: Keep it concise!
  • Description: Tell us about your map! Make sure to include details and play instructions. 
  • Screenshot: Add key shots of your map.
  • Keyword: Add keywords related to your map for more exposure!
  • Your Map will automatically go public at ZEPETO World: This will allow your map to go live as soon as the review process is complete!
    • However, if you would not like to publish automatically, make sure you turn off this option.
  • Post to let friends know when you publish: Your friends will know as soon as your map is live! 
  • Thumbnail: Add a cool thumbnail for people to enter your map! 
    • Thumbnail Requirements
      • 1280x720 pt resolution
      • Includes the map's characteristics or background + the map name, OR
      • Includes characters that are relevant to the map + the map name 



Congrats!! You are now the ZEPETO World map creator! 

Watch your friend's reactions, and keep updating your map for more visitors!