How to appeal How to appeal

How to appeal


* The goods(Coins/ZEMs) that were directly refunded through the app market are withdrawn from the ZEPETO Team.
If you use goods that need to be recovered, please be aware that account disciplinary actions may be taken.


If the ZEPETO team rules that you, your content, or account has violated our Community Guidelines, it will be actioned accordingly. However, if you were subject to an erroneous enforcement action, you have the ability to appeal. 

How to submit an appeal form (please note, only the owner of the reported account can appeal an enforcement action):

  • Submit your appeal here. Please make sure to include:
    • Your email address: Tell us where we can reach you with our decision.
    • ZEPETO ID: Please include your ZEPETO ID or ZEPETO code so we can accurately identify and review your account. 
    • Description: Provide as much detail as possible on the reason for your appeal. Use the Attachment section to include any supporting documents.

Once your appeal has been reviewed, you will receive a notification about the status of your case. If ZEPETO determines that your appeal is valid, your account restrictions will be lifted and you will regain full access. Please note that if you’ve already deleted your account, we will not be able to restore your account.

For DMCA related inquiries, please visit the Intellectual Property Policy page.