I believe I got falsely reported. I believe I got falsely reported.

I believe I got falsely reported.


The ZEPETO team carefully reviews all matters upon receipt of a report, and proceeds with sanctions only when the reason for sanctions is met. We do not proceed with sanctions unless you violate the community guide of terms and conditions.

The goods(Coins/ZEMs) that were directly refunded through the app market are withdrawn from the ZEPETO Team.
If you use goods that need to be recovered, please be aware that account disciplinary actions may be taken.


Account sanction appeal

If you haven't violated the Community Guidelines and you believe you have been sanctioned, you can file an account sanction appeal. Appeals sent by other means will not be accepted.

  1. Please include the ZEPETO ID / Code of the account you want to appeal.
  2. When filing an appeal, please let us know why you think the account sanctions are unjust.
  3. After reviewing your appeal, we will inform you of the status of your appeal and account. This is the end of the appeals process.

Appeals are reviewed in the order they are received and sanctions may not be canceled. Only the account's owner can appeal that account. We will not accept inappropriate appeals or requests to unsubscribe from accounts you do not own. Misuse or abuse of the appeals process may result in additional penalties or loss of appeal rights.


Account sanction appeal form >>