[ZEPETO WORLD] Where can I rent a ride? [ZEPETO WORLD] Where can I rent a ride?

[ZEPETO WORLD] Where can I rent a ride?


In the world, you can enjoy a variety of vehicles, such as cars, scooters, buggy cars, animal riders, skateboards and more!

Here are two ways to get a ride~


1. Renting at a rental machine!

Cars, scooters, buggy cars, and animal riders can be rented from rental machines in specific World maps.






The locations where you can get each vehicle are as follows!

-Car: Downtown, Driving Zone

-Scooter: Downtown, Shopping Mall, Driving Zone

-Buggy: Beach Town, Driving Zone

-Animal Rider: Theme Park


2. Permanent possession in the item shop!

Skateboards can be purchased at the World Item Shop.


▼ You can purchase a skateboard from the [Vehicle] tab by tapping the 'shopping bag' icon in the upper right corner of World!


Once purchased, the skateboard can be taken out anytime in the world without having to purchase it again.

**You cannot use skateboards on the Underwater or Ski Jump map!