[ZEPETO WORLD] What is the maximum capacity for each room? [ZEPETO WORLD] What is the maximum capacity for each room?

[ZEPETO WORLD] What is the maximum capacity for each room?


The maximum number of users that can be active at the same time in a room is 16.

If you want to bring more friends to your room, try creating a watchable room by turning on watch mode.

A watchable room will allow a maximum of 60 users to look into the room and chat with other users without actually entering.

Do you want to know how to turn on watch mode?


1. Create a watchable room


▲ Click on the + shaped [Create Room] menu at the World lobby and select [Watch Mode]. Select 'Allow' and tap 'Create Public Room' to make your room watchable!
(*You cannot make a secret room if you allow watch mode)


2. Enter a watchable room

▲ Choose the map or tap on the magnifying glass icon in the World lobby. Tap on the room list button on the bottom right, and rooms with the eye-shaped icons are watchable.


3. Change perspective (participant mode & drone mode)
You can choose between participant mode and drone mode when you're in the watch mode in a room. Choose the view you would like, and chat with others!

 - Participant mode


▲ You will be in the World map as a 'participant' and will be able to view in a user's perspective. Tap on the arrow on the bottom right to view as another particpant. Tap on the top left person-shaped icon, and tap the camera button next to the user nickname in the [Participant List] to view as that participant!

- Drone mode


▲ Select [Drone Mode] to fly around the room, and watch from wherever you want. Select the circular icon with the ZEPETO image on the bottom right to switch to "drone mode."
Use the pad on the lower left to move the drone, and scroll on the screen to change your view! You can even press on the camera button to take photos of videos. Select the drone icon on the bottom left of the chat to hide your drone!

If you want to change to a participant, select the person-shaped icon on the top left and select 'become a participant.'