I Want to Live Stream! I Want to Live Stream!

I Want to Live Stream!


Unfortunately, we're currently pausing live new creator signups to ensure a stable service.
We hope to reorganize and return as soon as possible.


Unfortunately, only a limited number of users are able to use ZEPETO Live. Please be patient while we expand access to more users~

Can permission to do live broadcasts be given if requested?

: Those who fit the following criteria can apply to become a 'Live Creator'.

  • Must be registered to ZEPETO Studio
  • Must not have received a penalty from ZEPETO in the last 3 months
  • Must be able to do live broadcasts consistently (e.g. at least two times and two hours a week)
  • Must have prior experience in being constantly active as a Live Creator on another platform
    • A link to show your activity must be included.
  • Those without prior experience must have creative ideas for live content
    • Must have a detailed live content plan unique to yourself.
    • To enhance the live service, we plan to grant live creator permissions to individuals with live streaming experience on other platforms (such as YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, etc.) starting from March 4th. We will strive to provide a better service.


Please read the application carefully and fill it out thoroughly, and we will review it internally and grant you live privileges.

After submitting your application via the link above, if you're selected as a Live Creator, we'll notify you via a Zapeto message within 2-3 weeks. (If you don't receive a message within 2-3 weeks, please note that you were not selected).


Now then, have a pleasant time watching ZEPETO Live streams! Don't know how to watch Live streams? Check the link below.



How to Start Live

If you have live access, please refer to the following steps to start the broadcast!

  1. Press the "+" button at the bottom of the screen to enter Create Mode.
  2. In Create Mode, press the live button displayed at the top of the image to start the broadcast.

Live Stream Guidelines

This text was originally written in Korean and has been translated into English for your convenience.