Creating a Map - The Basics Creating a Map - The Basics

Creating a Map - The Basics


You can easily create a creator map with a couple of clicks with Build it. 

There are templates that include the land, sky, and objects you can choose from to easily start your map.  Do you want to try using a template?


▼ Open Build it, and click on [Create] to select your template.



▼ You can use objects of various themes to make your map unique!



▼ Use the brush to make your terrain!



▼ Night or day--you get to choose your sky!



▼ Don't forget to add background music!



▼ You can even adjust the speed-jump levels for the players!



▼ Once you are done, click on Release > OK to publish your map!



Want to learn more about each Build it features?

Learn more about the explorer, which will allow you to manage your objects.