[Studio - Item] It was rejected due to "Wrong Category". [Studio - Item] It was rejected due to "Wrong Category".

[Studio - Item] It was rejected due to "Wrong Category".


You can check out the items that the creators made at the ZEPETO Creator Shop.

Item categories serve to classify items so that users can easily locate specific items.

Therefore, if you submitted the item in the 'wrong category', it may be rejected in the screening.

If your item was rejected due to wrong categorization, take a look at the following example, fix the error, and resubmit the item!


Type Image Example

How to Improve

If the categories overlap (items from different categories are submitted to a single category)



  • Example: Items submitted as a set of hats, clothes, shoes, and bags

It is not recommended to sell too many items in a bundle.

If it is an item that fits in a provided category, please ungroup the bundle and submit the items one by one.

Submitted in the wrong category



  • Example: Top item submitted to dress category 
Please resubmit the item to a category that you think is the most suitable.
When items that modify physical appearances are submitted to a category other than the appearance category



  • Example: Accessory category item + Appearance category item (smaller face, taller height, etc.) cannot both be put into appearance category

Items that change physical appearances can only be submitted to the appearance category.

Please ungroup bundles and submit each item so that items are not misplaced in category.


Please see the detailed list of categories provided by ZEPETO in 3. Item category of Item Guideline when submitting items.

Please note that item categories that do not meet the guidelines may be rejected in the screening process!