Is Live accessible for PC? Is Live accessible for PC?

Is Live accessible for PC?


You can also host ZEPETO Live on your PC.

Utilizing your PC camera, you can express a variety of reactions, from facial expressions to upper body movements, and use gesture functions and outfit/background changes to create even more colorful content!


PC Live criteria

To use PC Live, please check the criteria below first!

  1. Live permissions: You must have ZEPETO Live permissions.
  2. Minimum device specifications: You must meet the minimum device specifications to run the PC Live program.
    • OS: Windows (10, 11) / Mac (intel X64, Arm)
    • CPU: Intel i5 or higher
    • Memory(RAM): 8GB or more
    • Internet speed: 70Mbps or faster


Download the PC Live program

If you have met the above criteria, you can download the PC Live program. (Follow the link)

  • Path: Swipe the banner at the top of your Live Home or Live Room list and click the [Live PC Program Guide] banner

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Please note

  • If you do not have Live permissions or do not meet the device specifications, you will not be able to run the PC Live program.