Is Live accessible for PC? Is Live accessible for PC?

Is Live accessible for PC?


To ensure a stable service, the PC Live program is only available to select creators who meet the criteria below.


💻 PC Live Criteria

  • You have live permissions.
  • You meet the minimum device specifications for the PC Live program.
    • CPU 2.8 GHz or faster
    • Memory (RAM) 16 GB or more
    • Internet speed of 70 Mbps or higher


If you have met the above criteria, please complete the survey via the path below.

  • Click the [Get support for ZEPETO LIVE PC program] banner on the top banner of your Live Home or Live Room list (swipe the banner)

Group 1 (1).png


After verifying the submitted survey, we will send the program download link to the provided Gmail address within two weeks.
However, please note that if you do not have LIVE privileges or do not meet the device specifications, we will not provide the program without contacting you.