[Build It] Tell me about the 'Explorer' tab! [Build It] Tell me about the 'Explorer' tab!

[Build It] Tell me about the 'Explorer' tab!


Explorer is a tab that allows you to easily check and manage the creator map creation process, and is located on the left side of Build It.

This tab consists of two sections: 'World' and'Object'!



▼ In the 'World' section, you can set the terrain, sky, background music and player.




▼ In the 'Object' section, you can check and manage the objects you have placed at a glance.

1) You can easily select the objects you have placed. (You can also press the Shift key to select multiple at once.)




2) Drag and pull another object tab to the desired object tab!

The object at the top position becomes the parent, so you can manage the child objects at once!



2-1) You can also create an empty object by right-clicking your mouse!

Organize it easily by putting sub (child) objects in an empty object!




3) If you are curious where an object is, you can easily find it by searching for its name!




4) Click the 'eye' icon to hide the selected object in the work environment.


-'Eye' icon is ON



-'Eye' icon is OFF



5) Important objects can be locked so that they are not selected by clicking the 'lock'-shaped icon!


-'Lock' icon OFF/ON status



Like this, the Explorer tab is a window where you can check and manage objects at a glance.

Use the Explorer tab to create your own creator map easily and conveniently!


If you are curious about the Creator Map and the 'Properties' tab where you can manage the properties of objects, click the link below!

Please tell me about the [Build It] 'Properties' tab!