[Build It] Tell me about the 'Properties' tab! [Build It] Tell me about the 'Properties' tab!

[Build It] Tell me about the 'Properties' tab!


Properties is a tab that allows you to manage the properties of objects and creator maps, and is located on the right side of BuildIt.


▼ You can manage the properties of the selected object in detail.


[Name] You can change the name of the object to whatever name you want!

[Transform] You can adjust the position, rotation, and size!

[Physical] Through ON/OFF, you can choose whether or not the object is affected by physics!

[Color] You can change the color of the object to the color you want!


▼ You can manage the terrain, sky, background music and player properties of the Creator Map.

1) [Topography (Explorer)> Properties]


Use the terrain brush to create a variety of terrain, such as sea, road, and more!


2) [Sky (Explorer)> Properties]


From day to night! You can choose the sky you like.

3) [Background music (Explorer)> Properties]


Various background music is available! Choose the background music that suits your creator map.

4) [Player (Explorer)> Properties]


You can control the speed and jump height at will!


Like this, the Properties tab is a window where you can manage the properties of objects and Creator maps in detail.

Use the Properties tab to create your own special and fun Creator map!

If you are curious about the 'Explorer' tab to easily manage objects, click the link below!

Please tell me about the [Build It] 'Explorer' tab!