I would like to request a cyber crime investigation. I would like to request a cyber crime investigation.

I would like to request a cyber crime investigation.


If you have a cybercrime problem such as violence or fraud and you need help from an investigation or judicial institution, please follow the steps below.

  1. Guardians are encouraged to obtain as much information as possible about their child's problem situation.
  2. When checking user information, the ZEPETO code / ID is necessary. Every user has their own ZEPETO code or ID. Request help from the investigative agency providing the ZEPETO code / ID of the account that needs information verification.
    ex) Nickname : Strawberry Prince / ID : strawberry.prince / ZEPETO Code: 0AEHZ1
  3. For a problem post, it is helpful if you keep track of the corresponding screen capture, link, and the time when the problem occurred for us to better understand the exact situation.
  4. If you've exchanged chats, you must also provide the ZEPETO codes / IDs of all the users with whom you've chatted so that we can check the conversation history.
    * ZEPETO team stores chat history for up to 3 months. Chat history will vanish after this saving period. 
    Please request a police investigation as soon as possible.

  5. After requesting help from a local investigation agency, please send an inquiry e-mail to ZEPETO Company through an investigative agency rather than as an individual. 

Due to the nature of the service, investigations are often conducted by the department in charge of cybercrime or children and adolescents/women. The guardian must submit an investigation directly to the local law enforcement agency as quickly as possible.