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Creator Well-Being Guide


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Our thriving platform owes much to our vibrant creator community, a diverse range of talents infusing our spaces with vitality. Every creator within our community contributes their distinct style and energy to our community. 

We deeply value the dedication of our creators and are committed to fostering an environment where they can fully unleash their creativity while maintaining their well-being. After all, a healthy community is the cornerstone of a healthy ZEPETO ecosystem.

In this spirit, we'd like to share some valuable tips and guidelines for our creators to  nurture mental health, ensuring they can thrive in both their creative efforts and personal lives.

How to prevent Creator Burnout 

Producing creative content demands significant energy and innovation, requiring creators to invest substantial mental, emotional, and cognitive resources. The constant pressure to generate fresh ideas, meet deadlines, and engage with audiences can exacerbate stress levels and contribute to burnout if not managed effectively.

The WHO(World Health Organization) defines burnout as a syndrome “resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed." This condition manifests through symptoms such as energy depletion, detachment from work, negative attitudes, and reduced effectiveness in professional duties.

Creator Burnout is real and prevalent. According to the State of the Creator Economy report by Converkit,  53% of creators experienced burnout in 2023. Younger creators have higher burnout rates, with 65% of Gen Z creators experiencing burnout in the same year.

How creators experience burnout can be unique to each creator. Some creators experience burnout due to the relentless hours put into their creations and the pressure to maintain a constant online presence. Others may become discouraged by comparing themselves to other creators or from the feedback they receive on their creative work. All these factors can have a significant impact on mental health.

Then, what can be helpful to prevent burnout? To maintain a healthy, sustainable approach to creative work, consider implementing the following strategies: 

  1. Set healthy boundaries: To prevent burnout, it's crucial to establish clear goals and maintain a balanced schedule. Set boundaries by determining how much time you will dedicate for creation daily or weekly. For example, if you’re a ZEPETO Live creator, set a schedule for your live sessions and interactions with your viewers, followed by a break to recharge and rest. Commit to this plan, allowing yourself to fully disconnect during off times. Remember, creativity comes out when you’re mentally healthy and strong.
  2. Embrace the joy of creation: When the pressure to constantly produce content mounts, it’s easy to lose sight of the joy of creation.  Try to find fulfillment in the creative process itself. Keep reminding yourself that you're not just catering to others' expectations but also nurturing your own creativity. Adopting this mindset will resonate with users who appreciate your genuine enthusiasm.
  3. Switch gears from creator to user: Not only take breaks in terms of time, but also taking breaks from your creator persona can help you to prevent burnout. Take breaks from your creator persona to simply enjoy ZEPETO for what initially drew you to the platform. Engage with content, explore new Worlds, and interact with other users to recharge your creative energy.


How to maintain healthy relationships online

As active members of the ZEPETO community, our creators engage and interact with other users and peer creators daily. Although many of these interactions are positive and enriching, creators may sometimes face hurtful and stressful situations.  Here are some strategies to effectively navigate these challenges.

How to respond to hurtful comments

  1. Identify constructive criticism VS trolling: Constructive criticism is advice or feedback with an intention to suggest improvements. On the other hand, if the comment lacks suggestions for improvement and simply aims to be hurtful, it’s likely trolling. Distinguish the two first and don’t let trolls affect your well-being. For example, consider feedback received during a live stream;
  • “ Your background noises are distracting. Can you do something about it?”
    Although this comment may initially seem displeasing, it offers insight into improving the quality of your content.  Embracing such feedback can ultimately help you grow and enhance your viewer experience as well. 
  • Trolling comments, such as “I hate you” or “Your content sucks”, serve only to undermine without offering any actionable feedback. Recognizing trolling and disregarding is vital in preserving your peace of mind.  
  1. Prioritize your mental well-being: Once you distinguish between constructive criticism and trolling, don't hesitate to remove or ignore hateful comments that may impact your well-being. If there is a constant negativity you’re receiving from certain users or creators, go ahead and block them and report any behavior that you believe violates our Community Guidelines.
    Keep in mind that you're in control of your virtual space.  
  2. Stay Connected:  Cultivate connections with supportive friends and followers who uplift your spirits. You don’t need to be friends with everybody online. You have the power to choose who you want to surround yourself with. . Whether through shared interests or creating safe spaces within Clubs or Worlds, nurturing these relationships can provide invaluable support. 


How to engage respectfully with peer creators 


Creators flourish when they're surrounded by a vibrant community of fellow creators. We've witnessed countless instances of creators coming together, collaborating, and mutually inspiring one another and we want to encourage these positive relationships.

In this section, we aim to outline key principles for nurturing a supportive community. It's worth noting that in creative communities,  there's often an implicit understanding that constructive criticism should be offered with care, preferably when expressly requested. However, if you find yourself in a position to provide feedback to fellow creators, here's a guide to ensure your words serve to uplift rather than discourage:


  1. Remember actions in the virtual world can have real-world impacts: Behind every avatar is a real person with feelings. What you say and share can have real-world impacts. And while avatars provide anonymity, you should avoid using this anonymity to engage in unethical behaviors such as degrading others or spreading rumors.   We value creators who uphold integrity and respect. Let's continue to create a community that inspires and uplifts each other. 
  2. Put Yourself in Their Shoes: Empathy is key. Before sharing feedback, take a moment to step into the shoes of the creator receiving it. Consider how your words might impact their feelings and motivation. If there's a chance it could be hurtful or demoralizing, it's best to hold back. Ultimately, if feedback isn't solicited, it's perfectly acceptable to refrain from giving it altogether.
  3.  Respect Other Creators’ Work & Effort : Creators each have unique work styles and approaches to their craft, and how they engage with their audience. It’s essential to recognize and respect these differences even if other creators’ creative styles and  methods don’t align with your own. Just as you expect others to appreciate your work and extend the same courtesy to fellow creators. At the end of the day, you are here with the same passion: unlocking your creativity through virtual creations.
    Embrace and respect the diversity of the community and seek collaboration opportunities whenever possible. Your peers are valuable resources that can help you grow and inspire your creativity.  



Please note that 'Mental Health Awareness for Creators' on ZEPETO guidelines are for informational purposes and educational use only and are not intended to provide mental health or medical services. If you have concerns about your mental health, please seek assistance from a qualified professional. 


Learn From ZEPETO Creator Stories 

We shine a spotlight on creators who exemplify burnout prevention and prioritize well-being while embracing their roles as ZEPETO creators. From managing personal time to navigating feedback dynamics, these creators have shared invaluable insights and experiences. 

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Maribella (@maribellazpt):

👍Tip 1: It’s okay if things don’t always go as planned. Be kind to yourself.

“In my experience as a content creator, I’ve learned it’s okay if things don’t always go as planned. Being kind to myself when I can’t live up to expectations is important because I’m only human.” 

👍Tip 2:  Plan your day-to-day schedule ahead of time. 

“By visualizing my daily life through a structured schedule, I gain clarity on what I can realistically accomplish, helping me stave off burnout.”

👍Tip 3: Guard your personal space by eliminating negativity.

I prioritize my peace in my online space and handle hurtful comments by deleting them if they're harmful and reporting any violations of community guidelines. ] I also block users, who are clearly bullies, to keep my space positive. I take such proactive measures to shield myself from unnecessary negativity and prioritize my well-being. Strive for peace the best you can, even if it means blocking users and deleting/reporting hateful comments.


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ThyKko (@thykko) :

👍Tip 1: Set boundaries and take short breaks to help prevent burnout.

“As ZEPETO creators, we’re constantly immersed in work, which can take a toll on our mental health. Establishing boundaries and taking short breaks every two hours helps prevent burnout. Recognizing signs of burnout, I also reassessed my projects and prioritized mental well-being.” 

👍Tip 2: Don’t let hurtful comments make you doubt yourself or your work.

“When confronted with hurtful comments, I remind myself that our creations may not resonate with every audience due to cultural differences and I strive to respect this diversity. But, it’s also important to remember that most hurtful messages come from personal moments of the sender, not a reflection of me or my work.” 

👍Tip 3: Engage in relaxing activities or physical exercise to manage stress and shift focus away from negativity.

“During challenging times, I find peace in relaxing activities or physical exercises to shift my focus away from negativity. Remember, fellow creators, the value of your creations is inherent! “ 

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Curls (@musicalcurls):

👍Tip 1: Schedule specific times for content creation to balance work and personal life.

“Achieving balance between personal life and content creation starts with a tailored schedule with clear goals. Allocate specific time for ZEPETO and content creation and stick to it so that you don’t sacrifice YOUR own time.” 

👍Tip 2: Embrace your unique creative process and avoid comparing yourself to others.

“As a content creator, comparing myself to others once challenged me; their quick work made me question my process. Realizing the value of taking my time and actually enjoying the process was pivotal.” 

👍Tip 3: Focus on consistency and gradual progress for long-term success.

“Remember, success doesn’t demand immediate results. Consistency and incremental progress are key. Focus on your journey and inspire others along the way! “  


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J-Heart (@jheart_zofficial) :

👍Tip 1: Use a calendar to organize and dedicate specific blocks of time for content creation.

“To organize my personal time and content creation, I rely on my calendar and time schedule to identify free slots. I dedicate one to three hours to work when I’m free, jotting down or saving ideas on my phone.”

👍Tip 2: Seek support from followers and friends when feeling overwhelmed.

“When overwhelmed, particularly with edits, I turn to my followers and friends on ZEPETO via live sessions or through my club or Discord. Their support makes me feel connected and less alone.”

👍Tip 3: Take breaks to reignite inspiration!

“My advice is always take breaks and switch tasks when feeling stuck to reignite inspiration. “