I want to join as a Live guest! I want to join as a Live guest!

I want to join as a Live guest!


If you are invited as a guest by a Creator who is on a live broadcast,

or if you directly request and get accepted as a guest from the Creator of the broadcast you are watching,

then you can participate as a guest of the broadcast.




To join as a guest, you must meet the minimum device specifications. If you do not meet the specifications below, you will not be able to join, even if you receive a guest invite from a live creator who is streaming. Please note that these are the minimum requirements for a smooth streaming experience.
Minimum Device Specifications:
  • Android: 3 GB RAM or more
  • iPhone / iPad: 3 GB RAM or more
However, even if you meet the minimum specifications, some devices may not support real-time facial expressions/recognition when streaming, depending on the CPU.


Please check and familiarize yourself with the following notes when using the guest Live function.

  • If the host and the guest speak loudly at the same time, the voice can be cut off!
  • For iOS users, please change your microphone to wide spectrum mode if you can't hear the background music well during solo Live!
  • For iOS users, please change your microphone to standard mode if there is a severe echo during Live with a guest!

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*Guest Live feature is currently provided as beta service.

We'll continue to improve to provide a more stable and better service even during beta!

This text was originally written in Korean and has been translated into English for your convenience.