[Updates] Makeup Slot feature added [Updates] Makeup Slot feature added

[Updates] Makeup Slot feature added


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Version 3.35.0
*Updates will be rolled out in the App Market, so please wait for the [Update] button to appear.


We've finally added a makeup slot to the My Items menu!
Now you can manage your makeup items separately and more easily.


1. Save different makeup combinations

  • You can store combinations of eyeshadows, blushes, eyelashes, lenses, lip makeup, and more in one slot.
  • If the item is color selectable, the color will be saved as well.
    *Non-makeup items such as hair, avatar type and customization, and body type are not saved).

2. Pin your favorite makeup on top

  • You can pin up to 7 of your favorite makeup combinations.
    *This feature also applies to outfit slots, where you can pin your favorite outfits to the top.