How to approach and solve conflicts on ZEPETO How to approach and solve conflicts on ZEPETO

How to approach and solve conflicts on ZEPETO


Accessing resources and seeking help

Like in any digital space, it’s important that you’re equipped with the tools and resources to navigate conflicts on ZEPETO.  Whether you’re encountering disagreements or looking to safely get out of a potentially dangerous interaction, ZEPETO’s various safeguards and resources are there to help you get the assistance you need. This guide will aid you in solving conflicts with confidence, while ensuring that you’re taking care of your mental health, so that you can focus on being creative and having fun on ZEPETO. 

Is someone making you uncomfortable? Did they make you feel in danger?

Navigating ZEPETO can be a delightful experience, where you can creatively express yourself and explore fun, imaginative Worlds. However, just like in any online space, there may be instances where you find yourself in uncomfortable situations. Whether it's encountering unwelcome advances, offensive comments, or other forms of harassment, your safety and well-being should always come first. 

It’s good practice to understand your boundaries and create a plan for when you encounter conflicts on the platform. 

Here are some helpful definitions of different kinds of conflict to get you started. Remember - everyone’s boundaries are different, and no matter the conflict, you have the power to end an interaction and seek help.  


When to block someone 

We understand it might be hard to know when to leave a conflict. Our advice is to always TRUST YOUR GUT. If someone’s comment makes you uncomfortable or if they continuously cross your boundaries, you can block or report them, anytime. 

Check out the decision tree below in case you’re still on the fence about leaving a toxic conflict. 


Blocking AND Reporting

You can do both on ZEPETO, especially in instances where your safety and well-being are in danger. Some people think it’s excessive to block and report, but behaviors like cyberstalking, bullying, and online grooming get in the way of what’s meant to be a creative and fun experience online. 

Here’s why doing both contribute to ZEPETO’s overall safety: 


Gut Check

You hear it all the time – “Trust Your Gut!” But what exactly does that mean? Sometimes, someone who’s manipulating you is so sneaky that they can get under your red flag radar. In those cases, it’s important to train your gut to see the signs. 


How to ask for help 

Navigating online conflicts alone can be alienating and difficult. We encourage going to a friend or trusted adult (like a parent, caregiver, or teacher) when you’re dealing with a tricky or potentially dangerous situation, like harassment, bullying, or online grooming. We understand it can be scary to bring up or hard to know what to say when you need help.

Check out the conversation tips below that can help you initiate discussions with a trusted adult or a friend about uncomfortable interactions. Express your concerns, share what happened, and seek advice when facing challenging scenarios online. 

Tip: Document or provide as much information as you can for in-app reporting or if you need to give more context to your friend, parent, or teacher. 

4_Solving_Conflict_Asking a Friend.png

4_Solving_Conflict_Asking a Parent.png

4_Solving_Conflict_Asking a Teacher.png


 You did the right thing

Dealing with online conflicts can leave you feeling down. It takes a lot of energy to set boundaries or to report harassment, and you should feel really proud for taking the steps to take care of yourself. If you’re ever feeling unsure about the choice you made to block, report, or tell someone about an online conflict, here are some affirmations to remind yourself that you’re doing the right thing. 



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