How to practice and inspire digital mindfulness on ZEPETO How to practice and inspire digital mindfulness on ZEPETO

How to practice and inspire digital mindfulness on ZEPETO


What does being a responsible ZEPETO citizen look like?

At ZEPETO, our Community Guidelines are more than just rules – they're a call to foster positivity and respect that extends past the virtual world. Your commitment to taking care of yourself and others online doesn't just define your experience—it defines the ZEPETO community as a whole. Let's make it a place where everyone feels empowered, respected, and safe.

What is digital mindfulness?

Digital Mindfulness is the practice of fostering a healthy and safe digital environment for you and your friends. This includes prioritizing your mental health in your ZEPETO interactions, avoiding judging and victim-blaming, respecting digital consent, and protecting your private information.


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Protecting your privacy 

Being in control of what personal information you share online can alleviate anxiety and concerns about your privacy being compromised. It helps you steer clear of potential bad actors who might exploit you, groom you, or threaten your safety. 

It also promotes a healthy and safe standard for community interactions.

Are your privacy settings up to date?

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Other tips: 

☑ Use a screen name that doesn't reveal your real identity.

☑ Be cautious about adding strangers, even if they seem friendly.

☑ Guide conversations towards shared interests and avoid divulging personal details.

☑ If someone's behavior is inappropriate or makes you uncomfortable, block and report them.

☑ Periodically review your friend list and remove anyone you no longer wish to be connected with.

Learn how to set up your Privacy and Content Settings.

Protecting your peace

Protecting your mental health is equally as important as protecting your privacy on ZEPETO. Practicing and promoting a balanced online experience helps foster positive community interactions. 

Check out our ZEPETO Self-Care Bingo whenever you’re feeling burned out by interactions. Have any tips on Protecting Your Peace on ZEPETO? Share them with @soteria!  

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What are your peers saying about maintaining mental wellbeing online?

Here are some affirmations and advice from your peers about the importance of taking care of yourself on-screen. 

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If you’re facing a situation on ZEPETO that’s threatening your mental wellbeing, here are some ways to help you get through it:

☑ If someone is harassing you or making you uncomfortable, we suggest reporting them to ZEPETO. You won’t be judged for asking for help.

☑ Visit our curated list of global mental health resources, organized by country. 

What is Digital Consent?

Digital consent is all about respecting people's choices and boundaries in the online world, just like we do in real life. Yes– that means even when you’re interacting with other people’s avatars on ZEPETO. Before we do anything that involves someone else, we should make sure they're okay with it.

Think of it like this: if you want to share someone's photo or chat with them, it's like asking for permission. Ask them: "Hey, is it okay if I do this?" This way, everyone feels comfortable and in control of their online experiences.

When we practice digital consent, we show respect for each other's feelings and privacy. It's a way of creating a positive and considerate environment on ZEPETO where everyone can enjoy their time while feeling safe and respected.

Check out some everyday examples on how you could practice digital consent.

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But sometimes, we break digital consent without realizing it. It’s important to realize when we’re wrong and apologize when we’ve crossed boundaries. Here’s how a productive exchange of setting and respecting Boundaries could look like:

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Being an upstander on ZEPETO, not a bystander

On ZEPETO, we want to foster a community that cares for each other. Bullying and harassment have no place in content, behavior, or conduct here. What falls under the category of bullying and harassment?

☑ Mocking/humiliation

☑ Shaming/victim-blaming 

☑ Threatening

☑ Cyber-stalking

☑ Doxxing

Not only do we owe it to ourselves to not participate in this behavior– but to keep the community fun and safe, we should feel empowered to offer others support and report bad actors when they are bullying others. When we uphold these values, we create a virtual world where those who need help aren’t afraid to reach out and ask for it. 

Choose your words carefully

Maybe someone you know on ZEPETO got doxxed or is being groomed. Some people feel the need to ask “What were you thinking posting/talking about personal information?” or “How did you not know that person wasn’t to be trusted?" But phrases like this place blame on the victim rather than offer empathy and support, and that can make it harder for them to seek or get help. 

Here are some common phrases to ❌avoid❌ when talking about people in an online crisis:

⛳ ”Why did you even post that? No wonder you're getting negative comments."

⛳ “You shared your location? What did you think would happen?"

⛳ "Well, you kept taking their gifts, so it's kinda your fault."

⛳ “You shared that pose and now you're complaining about the negative attention? Your fault."

⛳ “It happens all the time. You’re making it such a big deal because you want attention.”

If someone shares with you that they’re going through something, it means they trust you. Your words can create a difference for someone going through an online crisis. 

Exercising Empathy

What can you say if someone shares a difficult personal experience? Here’s how you can to practice support rather than blame:

Encourage blocking and reporting 

Use non-judgmental language

Focus on the actions of the perpetrator rather than your friend

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Contribute to a safe environment by inspiring a supportive culture

Taking an active stance against harassment is important for keeping ZEPETO’s culture positive and safe. Here are four reminders highlighting why it's crucial to report or speak up about bad behavior, even if it’s not directed at you: 

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Remember, your voice and actions have the power to make a positive impact on the ZEPETO community. By refusing to be a bystander and standing up against harassment, you help create a space where everyone can enjoy their time online without fear of mistreatment.


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