[Updates] Check out these updates, including better clubs. [Updates] Check out these updates, including better clubs.

[Updates] Check out these updates, including better clubs.




Version 3.42.0
*Updates will be processed in the app market in order, so please wait for the [Update] button to appear.



Clubs are now even better and more convenient!

The criteria for creating and joining the club have been relaxed.

What if you wanted to create a club but didn't have enough followers?
Though you wanted to invite more friends to the club, you couldn't accomodate enough!

Don't worry now. You can open a club more freely, and invite them!

  • The number of clubs you can join has increased to 10.
  • The maximum number of people who can join the club has increased to 500.
  • The minimum number of followers to create a club has been adjusted to 100.


It's become more convenient to write posts!

Listen up if you found it inconvenient to write club posts!
Now you can write posts more easily.

  • You can now copy texts from posts and comments within the club.
  • You can now attach a link to the post. Feel free to share the information you want with club members through a link.


We are constantly listening to your voice for a more enjoyable, fun, and convenient club life.
Please look forward to better club updates in the future!



In addition to the club, we have made various updates.


Decorate your own space with 3D Space to make it more three-dimensional.

The previous interior shop will be changed to a Space shop.
You can create the 3D Space you want in the studio, and decorate your own interior in a new Space shop.

More details can be found on the official ZEPETO blog on December 1st!


Lost account! It's easier to find now.

It's been a while since you accessed ZEPETO and you forgot your ID and password? Don’t you worry!
You can easily find your ID on the login page and even reset your password.