What is a Limited Edition item? What is a Limited Edition item?

What is a Limited Edition item?


These are rare items that have been released in ZEPETO but are currently unavailable to purchase or earn.


If there's an item you want, please hang in there!
You might have a chance to get it soon 🤫




Only a certain number of these will be released, and you'll get an edition number based on the order of purchase.
If you want to own a special number, be ready from the moment we announce the release of LIMITED SP type items!



LIMITED type items don't appear easily:

They're created in partnership with special brands, or they're only available for a limited time as a reward for premium subscriptions.
Even if you have enough ZEMs, they're not easily obtainable, so their rarity will only increase!



EPIC type limited edition items are made pixel by pixel by the artisans of ZEPETO and are considered the legendary items because they've been around for so long.



Please note!

  • Only selected event items and end-of-sale items will be converted to limited edition.
  • The edition number of LIMITED SP type items can only be seen by the owner of the item.