What is ZEPETO Club? What is ZEPETO Club?

What is ZEPETO Club?




What is ZEPETO Club?

ZEPETO Club is designed for users to nurture their sense of belonging and connect with others in the community over shared interests. You can gather around various chosen topics, whether it's a hobby, cause, or exciting new trend!

Explore ZEPETO Club and deep-dive into your interests or learn something new – check out Club members and featured posts to find your perfect Club match.


How do you join a Club?

Find a topic you like and join as a Club member or start a Club as a Club Leader. You can be a member of up to 10 Clubs, including the ones you create.

  • Club Leader: You are responsible for creating, operating, and managing the Club. Anyone with more than 100 followers can create up to three Clubs.
  • Club Member: You can create your own posts or jump into conversations started by other members.


What types of Clubs are there?

There are two main types of clubs: Open Club and Approved Club.

  • Open Club: Anyone can see posts in the Club and sign up right away without the Club Leader's approval.
  • Approved Club (public posts): Anyone can see posts in the Club, but the Club Leader’s approval is required to join and participate.
  • Approved Club (private posts): Only Club members can see posts, and the Club Leader’s approval is required to join.

Here are some kinds of Clubs that you might be interested in!

  • KPOP Clubs - For users who love K-pop
  • Anime/Game/Virtual YouTubers Clubs - For users who love subculture-oriented content
  • Creator Fan Clubs - For ZEPETO creators and their fans
  • Avatar/Fashion Clubs - For users to share avatar customization and styling tips
  • Creative Clubs - For creating artwork and videos
  • Daily life/gossip Clubs -For users to casually share their daily life


How to enjoy Club 💗:

  • Find Clubs that align with your passions or interests!
  • Invite friends who you think may have similar interests.
  • Be inclusive to all members of the community.
  • Speak with respect to one another.
  • Actively like and comment on Club content that you enjoy!
  • Engage with members by sharing relevant content to the Club's topic.


Stay safe in Club 🚨:

  • Avoid sharing your personal information, including images, contact information, and more.
  • Report users, posts, or Clubs that violate our Community Guidelines.
    • For more information on how to report Clubs, click here
  • Watch out for Clubs with profile pictures that include unidentifiable QR codes/links, financial information, or inappropriate content.


Tips for Club Leaders 💡:

  • Care for your Club members by removing or reporting people who are being disrespectful or harmful to others or disrupting the purpose of your Club.
  • Create a welcoming and supportive environment where everyone feels valued and respected.
  • Encourage healthy interactions by clearly communicating what’s okay and what’s not.


Remember, Club is not for ❌:

  • Seeking or soliciting romantic connections or relationships.
  • Soliciting or e-begging for ZEMs or items.
  • Making financial transactions or sharing personal financial information.
  • Scammy activities such as operating a fake account or impersonating someone else.
  • Sharing inappropriate content.
  • Any and all activities that violate ZEPETO Community Guidelines