[Updates] You can tag items in your feed. [Updates] You can tag items in your feed.

[Updates] You can tag items in your feed.



Version 3.52.000
*Updates will proceed in order in the app market, so please wait for the [Update] button to appear.


Want to showcase your favorite items, or maybe something you've created?
Now you can tag items in your feed.


Fast and Easy Auto-Tagging of Items

When you upload content, the items you're wearing are automatically tagged, eliminating the need to add them one by one.
You can also make edits and tag only the items you want to appear on your feed.


Additional Tags, Item Search

This feature allows you to tag items you haven't yet purchased or worn.
Simply use the search function at the top of the tag screen to find items and tag them!


Ever curious what your friends are wearing in your feed? You can now easily find out with the item tagging feature.
Once you tag an item, you can also save it directly to your wishlist!


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Check out the release notes for more updates.