[ZEPETO World] What is the maximum capacity for each room? [ZEPETO World] What is the maximum capacity for each room?

[ZEPETO World] What is the maximum capacity for each room?


The maximum number of users that can be active at the same time in a room is 16.
(*Camping, Hangang Park, Garden Wedding (Day/Night), Classroom: Up to 25 people can enter)

If you want to bring more friends to your room, try creating a watchable room by turning on watch mode.

A watchable room will allow a maximum of 60 users to look into the room and chat with other users without actually entering.

Do you want to know how to turn on watch mode?


1. Create a watchable room

2-1.png     2-2.png

▲ Click on the [+Create Room] menu at the World lobby and select [Watch Mode]. Select 'Allow' and tap 'Create Public Room' to make your room watchable!
(*You cannot make a secret room if you allow watch mode)


2. Enter a watchable room

2-3.png     2-4.png
▲ Choose the World or tap on the magnifying glass icon in the World lobby. Tap on the room list button on the bottom right, and rooms with the eye-shaped icons are watchable.


3. Change perspective (observer mode & participant mode)
You can choose between observer mode and participant mode when you're in the watch mode in a room. Choose the view you would like, and chat with others!

 - observer mode



▲ You will be in the World as a 'participant' and will be able to view in a user's perspective. Tap on the arrow on the bottom right to view as another particpant. Tap on the top left person-shaped icon, and tap the camera button next to the user nickname in the [Participant List] to view as that participant!

- participant mode




▲ If you want to change to a participant, select the person-shaped icon on the top left and select 'become a participant.'