Event Rules and Regulations Event Rules and Regulations

Event Rules and Regulations



  • All Worlds and items must meet the ZEPETO creator and review guidelines.
  • Worlds and items that do not meet the guidelines will not be entered in the event. Even in cases where the World or item wins an award, if it is found that it doesn't meet the guidelines, then the award will be cancelled and the prize must be returned.  
  • Worlds and items that already exist in ZEPETO or infringe copyright of others cannot be registered, and the creator has fully legal liability.
  • The creator has the copyright to Worlds and items approved and registered in ZEPETO. 
  • Submissions for events or contests may be used for online/offline advertisement, publicity, promotion, etc. for ZEPETO and/or its affiliates. 
  • Award-winning work (winning team's submissions during preliminary and final rounds) may be used for ZEPETO or related services without monetary or duration restrictions.
  • ZEPETO may use award-winning content with parts or full modifications, and/or without including the creator's name.
  • Submitted entries are not refundable, and there may be no winners upon review. 
  • If there are any reasons for disqualification, the World or item may be excluded from the event and will not be available for sale. 
  • Cancellation of contest participation or deactivation of Worlds and items after the contest period is prohibited.