ZEPETO IP User Generated Content (UGC) Usage Guidelines ZEPETO IP User Generated Content (UGC) Usage Guidelines

ZEPETO IP User Generated Content (UGC) Usage Guidelines


What is ZEPETO IP & UGC?

  1. ZEPETO IP (Intellectual Property) content refers to all creations (worlds, avatars, items, videos, images, text, stories, graphics, music, live broadcasts, etc.) that constitute the ZEPETO Service or are created using intangible content from the service. All copyrights and other intellectual property rights to the content within the Service belong to the Company.  

    All Creators, including companies and individuals, can utilize ZEPETO IP to create various content online and offline. The types of UGC (User Generated Content) that creators can produce and distribute using ZEPETO IP include, but are not limited to:
    • Image and video content utilizing avatars customized on ZEPETO.
    • Broadcast content and secondary content using ZEPETO's live programs.
    • Physical and digital goods utilizing avatars customized on ZEPETO.
  2. UGC stands for User Generated Content, which comprehensively refers to content created by users.
  3. Examples of UGC include avatars, posts, items, worlds, live broadcasts, etc. created and posted by creators within ZEPETO.
  4. UGC includes not only the content created by creators on the ZEPETO platform, but also secondary creations (fan art, merchandise, toons, user videos, etc.) that are reworked by users using ZEPETO IP content.
  5. If you plan to create and distribute UGC utilizing ZEPETO IP content for commercial purposes, please refer to the “Commercial Use of UGC Utilizing ZEPETO IP” section below.


Notes for Creating UGC Utilizing ZEPETO IP

1. Prevention of Discrimination and Emphasis on Diversity

  • As a global platform with users from all over the world, ZEPETO values diversity. Do not include any discriminatory elements related to nationality, age, political views, race, gender, sexual orientation, culture, religion, or any other areas where diverse opinions might exist in your UGC. 
  • Read our Community Guidelines

2. Protection of Copyright and Trademarks

  • Do not include content provided by ZEPETO in collaboration with real brands in your UGC. 
  • Please also make sure that your UGC does not infringe on any legally protected external trademarks.
  • When creating UGC that include avatars, avoid wearing items that display the trademarks of brands partnered with ZEPETO. We recommend using official items created by ZEPETO or items created by individual creators.
    (For example, please be careful not to wear items created in collaboration with external brands such as ZARA, Disney, Anime 'One Piece', Gucci, etc.)


Permitted Scope of Goods and Content Creation Utilizing ZEPETO IP

① General Individual Creators

  • You can create informational content using your own avatar.
  • Examples: 
    • Posting a video review of your favorite Top 5 Creator Worlds
    • Posting a Youtube video tutorial on customizing your avatar's face
    • Posting a YouTube video with winter driving safety tips using a driving world as the background.
    • Publishing a blog post about the top 10 restaurants in Seoul and including images of your avatar.
    • Including your avatar's photobooth poses in a 2022 Trends Report.
  • Avatars from accounts other than your own cannot be used to create content.
  • You are allowed to create, own, and distribute a limited amount of merchandise using your own avatar.
    • Printed goods (stickers, notepads, etc.): Up to 500 units per item.
    • Physical figures: Up to 20 units per item.
    • Phone and other electronic device accessories: Up to 50 units per item.
    • Note: For commercial sales or creation of items not included in the above examples, refer to the section on “Commercial Use of UGC Utilizing ZEPETO IP” or contact us about licensing.
  • “General Individual Creators” refers to creators who wish to utilize ZEPETO IP content for their own personal use or to promote small-scale personal events.
  • Businesses (companies, organizations, etc.) must not create, distribute, or sell secondary creations using ZEPETO IP content without a commercial license agreement with ZEPETO (Naver Z). Unauthorized use by businesses may result in legal action from the Company. In this case, please note that even if individuals are not part of a company or organization, they are considered businesses if their activities are commercially motivated.

② Corporate and Organizational Creators

  • Companies or profit-oriented organizations can create avatars representing their logo, image, mascot, etc. (hereinafter referred to as "persona") and use them to produce informational content.
    • Examples:
      - Sharing internal videos introducing new employees within the corporation.
      - Posting corporate news videos on the company’s Instagram or YouTube account.
      - Creating branded content featuring ZEPETO avatars to introduce autumn travel destinations.
      - Reviewing ZEPETO items or worlds created for non-commercial purposes on YouTube.
  • NGOs, schools, and public institutions can create informational content using ZEPETO avatars for non-commercial purposes.
    • Example: A university library guide video
  • However, for commercial advertising content with allocated budgets, please refer to the section "Commercial Use of UGC Utilizing ZEPETO IP" below.
  • Including false/exaggerated advertisements and advertisements for products/services that violate our guidelines in content, including feeds, is prohibited. Additionally, if you post an ad that contains items that require further review, your content may be removed at any time, even if it is a legitimate product/service.
    • For medical advertisements by institutions based in South Korea, include only the following elements and submit proof of exemption and supporting documents to the ZEPETO team beforehand:
      • Name, location, and phone number of the medical organization
      • Medical departments operated by the institution (as per Article 43, Paragraph 5 of the Medical Service Act).
      • Name, gender, and type of license of medical personnel affiliated with the medical organization
      • Other matters prescribed by presidential decree
    • For medical advertisements from organizations based outside of Korea, please submit facts and evidence to the ZEPETO team in advance that the material is exempt from prior review.

Publishing Books 

  • If you include content about ZEPETO in books on the metaverse and related fields, and use images of your avatar or images that the company has publicly shared on ZEPETO's official social media accounts or website without editing, you can publish them after citing ZEPETO or Naver Z as the source.

    • However, images that utilize other users' or celebrities' avatars without proper authorization cannot be used.
  • Publishing of a book that guides users on how to use ZEPETO by including screenshots primarily featuring your avatar to inform potential users is permitted.
    • However, please ensure that you do not add the official ZEPETO logo to the title or the book cover, which might mislead consumers into thinking that the book is an officially authorized guide published by ZEPETO. 
  • Make sure the book does not include incorrect information or details that do not reflect the actual usage of ZEPETO. 
    • Screen configurations, usage methods, policies, etc. frequently change due to service updates. Ensure that the latest correct, up-to-date information about ZEPETO is included at the time of publication.

④ Publishing Magazines/Periodicals  

  • If you include content introducing ZEPETO and use images of your avatar or those publicly shared through ZEPETO's official social media accounts or website without any edits, you can publish them with the source credited as ZEPETO or Naver Z. 
    • However, the use of images that utilize avatars of other users or celebrities not operated by you or your company or brand without proper authorization is prohibited.
    • If you plan to create and distribute content or articles using content from celebrities or other brands within ZEPETO, please inquire about licensing. We will discuss the possibility of content usage and provide a response.

⑤ Participating in Contests/Competitions 

  • You may not use ZEPETO avatars and service images to participate in contests or competitions to create apps or services related to the Metaverse.
  • You may use ZEPETO avatars and service images to illustrate use cases or simple screen implementations in contests or competitions that are not related to the development of the Metaverse or services (including apps), provided that ZEPETO or Naver Z is credited.
  • Submitting worlds or items you created using ZEPETO BuildIt or Studio to external competitions is allowed only if you (or your organization) have directly produced or created them.

⑥ Creating NFTs

  • Creating, owning, and sharing NFTs in small quantities for non-commercial purposes using 'your' avatar is only allowed for individual creators (please check with the affiliate for the scope of production). However, creating and selling NFTs for commercial purposes is not permitted.
    • Examples:
      - Creating an NFT of your own avatar
      - Retouching your avatar or creating artwork inspired by it and then making it into an NFT
  • Creating NFTs that infringe on the rights of other users or linking your account ownership, management rights, or in-game assets within ZEPETO to NFTs for distribution is not allowed.
  • The value of NFTs may be invalidated upon termination of the ZEPETO service, and the creator shall notify the other party and indemnify ZEPETO when distributing NFTs.
  • The Company is not responsible for any damages caused by transactions that we do not allow.
  • If you violate any of the provisions of these Guidelines, you may be penalized according to the provisions of these Guidelines, and in the event of a dispute, you must resolve it at your own responsibility and expense, indemnifying the Company from liability.


Commercial Use of UGC Utilizing ZEPETO IP

  1. In the following cases, prior consultation with ZEPETO, signing a license agreement, or entering into a revenue-sharing agreement is required depending on the circumstances. For more information, please contact ZEPETO Customer Center.
    • When using ZEPETO IP to create content that is commercially advertised by organizations such as companies, schools, public institutions, etc. or to create content for which advertising budgets are allocated:
      • Online and offline promotional posts and event promotion posts (videos, pamphlets, posters, etc.) for products, organizations, brands, companies, schools, public institutions, etc.
      • All forms of advertising content (including, but not limited to, advertising videos on YouTube, online banners/social media ads, offline public transportation/outdoor advertisements, etc.)
      • Non-commercial content for which advertising expenses have been paid.
    • When creating and distributing physical merchandise and goods using ZEPETO IP to generate profit:
      • After consulting with ZEPETO, it is necessary to indicate in the product description that ZEPETO's IP was used when selling goods.
    • When uploading paid advertisements, endorsements, product placements (PPL), or sponsored content using ZEPETO IP on other platforms or broadcasting live broadcasts.
  2. The following uses of ZEPETO IP are allowed without prior consultation as exceptions, provided that you comply with our Terms of Use and Community Guidelines and attribute the content in accordance with the guidelines below:
    • Utilizing the ZEPETO IP on other platforms to generate sponsorship revenue from livestreams or advertising revenue from content playback.
    • When non-profit organizations such as schools, NGOs, and public institutions produce, own, or distribute a small quantity of goods using avatars as the organization’s persona for non-commercial purposes.
  3. Proper source attribution is mandatory for all content.
    • Examples of attribution (ZEPETO Promotion Design Guidelines)
      • Indicate within the content or description that ZEPETO avatars or live programs are being used.
        스크린샷 2024-05-21 오후 3.16.13.png
      • Insert the ZEPETO watermark in your content.
        스크린샷 2024-05-21 오후 3.16.52.png