ZEPETO User Generated Content (UGC) Usage Guideline ZEPETO User Generated Content (UGC) Usage Guideline

ZEPETO User Generated Content (UGC) Usage Guideline


What is UGC?

  1. UGC stands for user-generated content and is any form of content that is created by people/users. 
  2. In ZEPETO, examples of UGCs include avatars, posts, items, Worlds, Z live streams, etc. created and posted by creators. 
  3. UGC utilizes ZEPETO IP contents when it is created, so items that are created off of content on the ZEPETO platform such as fan art, merchandise, user videos, etc. are considered UGCs.
  4. ZEPETO supports creators from all over the world to create and distribute creative UGC for non-commercial use. However, please do not use ZEPETO IP without permission or earn profit from it. 

  5. If you are planning on creating and distributing UGC with ZEPETO IP content for commercial use, please submit an inquiry in advance.  


Things to Note When Creating UGC Using ZEPETO

1. Non-discrimination and Diversity

  • As a global platform with users from all over the world, ZEPETO values diversity. Please do not include any controversial discriminatory elements such as nationality, age, political views, gender, sexual orientation, race, culture, religion, etc in the UGC.   
  • Go to Community Guidelines

2. Copyright and Trademark Protection

  • Content from ZEPETO through collaboration with existing brands should not be included in the UGC. 
  • Do not infringe legally protected external trademark rights when creating UGC. 
  • When creating UGC with an avatar, the avatar may not wear any items that display the trademarks of other affiliated brands. We recommend wearing official items created by ZEPETO or creator items.
    (Examples: Do not wear items from collaborations with external brands such as ZARA, Disney, One Piece manga, Gucci, Cookie Run game, etc.)


Permissible Merchandise and Content Production Using ZEPETO

① General Individual Creator

  • You can create informational content using your avatar.
  • Example : 
    • Review video of my top 5 favorite creator Worlds
    • Youtube tutorial of customizing an avatar's face
    • Youtube tutorial of tips for winter driving in the Driving World
    • The blog post of your avatar introducing the top 10 restaurants in Seoul
    • The blog post of your avatar using the photo booth pose images to show the 2022 trends
  • You cannot create content using the avatar of another account.
  • You can create, possess, distribute for free small amounts of merchandise using your avatar. However, selling them for commercial purposes is not permitted. 
    • For printed goods such as stickers and notes, up to 500 sheets of each item are allowed.
    • For figurines, up to 20 of each item are allowed. 
    • For merchandise related to phones or other electronic devices, up to 50 of each item are allowed.
    • For merchandise or items that are not mentioned above, please submit an inquiry for the maximum number of production allowed. 
  • A 'General Individual Creator' refers to a creator who intends to use creations using ZEPETO IP content personally or in the form of promoting small-scale personal events. 
  • In the case of unauthorized production, distribution and sale of secondary creations using ZEPETO IP contents by a business (company, organization, etc.) of a certain size or more without a commercial license agreement with ZEPETO (Naver Z), ZEPETO (Naver Z) has the right to claim legal liability. In this instance, please note that even if it is an individual, not a company or an organization, any commercial action taken is considered business.

② Corporate and Organizations

It is acceptable to create an avatar with a logo, image, mascot, etc. (hereinafter referred to as "persona") or one that represents a company or for-profit organization, and use it to create informational content. 

  • Example :
    • An introductory video for new employees at OO corporation. 
    • A company news video on the company's Instagram or Youtube account 
    • An introductory video for autumn destinations using ZEPETO avatars to create branded content 
    • Youtube video reviewing items or World in ZEPETO created by the company for non-commercial purposes
  • For NGOs, schools, and public institutions, it is acceptable to produce informative content, not for profit.
    (Example: OO University Library Introduction) 
  • For NGOs, schools and public institutions, creation, possession and free distribution of small amounts of merchandise using your avatar as a persona is acceptable. However, selling them for commercial purposes is not permitted. 
  • If UGC content contains commercial advertising elements or is used for commercial advertising, a commercial license agreement with ZEPETO is required in advance. Please submit an inquiry.  In the event of unauthorized production, distribution or sale of secondary creations using ZEPETO IP contents without prior consultation, ZEPETO may claim legal liability. 
  • 'Commercial Advertising Elements' include the following:
    • Promotional posts of events with ZEPETO products, companies and brands
    • Online/offline promotional posts for ZEPETO products, companies and brands (promotional videos, ads, posters, etc.) 
    • All forms of advertising content (Youtube ads, online banner/social media ads, offline public transportation/outdoors ads, etc.)
    • Non-commercial content for which advertising expenses were paid
    • When ZEPETO IP content is included in any form such as images on merchandise
  • False/exaggerated advertisements, as well as advertisements for products/services that violate content guidelines, including feeds, are prohibited. In addition, if you post an advertisement that contains items that require separate censorship, the content may be deleted at any time, even if it is a legitimate product/service.
    • In the case of medical advertisements for Korean-based institutions, please provide the ZEPETO team with the facts and evidence in advance that the materials consist only of the following items and are exempt from censorship.
      • Name, location, and telephone number of the medical institution.
      • Medical subjects established and operated by medical institutions (medical subjects under Article 43 (5) of the medical law)
      • Name, sex, and type of license of medical personnel affiliated with medical institutions
      • Other items specified by Presidential Decree
    • In the case of medical advertisements for institutions located outside of Korea, submit the facts and evidence to the ZEPETO team in advance to ensure that the material is only subject to pre-censorship exemption.

Publishing - Books

  • If you are introducing ZEPETO in a book that covers metaverse and related fields and are using unedited images of your avatar or content from ZEPETO official social media accounts or pages, you must indicate ZEPETO or Naver Z as the source.  
    • However, images that use other users' avatars or avatars that depict public figures without proper approval is prohibited. 
  • For books that cover how to use ZEPETO, you may use your avatar in the screenshots of the in-app screen.  
    • However, please do not indicate that the book is the official guide or include the ZEPETO logo in order to prevent confusion for consumers. 
  • Please make sure that the information on using ZEPETO is accurate. 
    • The screen composition, usage, policy, etc. are frequently changed due to service updates. Please note that the book contains up-to-date and correct information at the time of publication.

④ Publishing - Magazines/Periodicals

  • If you are introducing ZEPETO using unedited images of your avatar or content from ZEPETO official social media accounts or pages, you must indicate ZEPETO or Naver Z as the source.  
    • However, images that use other users' avatars or avatars that depict public figures without proper approval are prohibited. 
    • If you are planning to produce and distribute content or articles using content from celebrities or other brands in ZEPETO, please in advance. 

⑤ Participation in Competitions/Contests

  • The use of ZEPETO avatars and service images to participate in contests or competitions for metaverse-related apps or services is prohibited. 
  • The use of ZEPETO avatars and service images for example or simple screenshots in contests or competitions unrelated to metaverse or related services (including apps) is allowed if ZEPETO or Naver Z is indicated as the source.  
  • Submitting Worlds and items made by yourself with ZEPETO BuildIt or the Studio is only possible if the content is made by yourself (including groups).

⑥ NFT Production

  • For non-profit purposes, only individual creators are allowed to produce, own, and share NFTs in small quantities using their own avatars (check the production range via Partnership Inquiry). However, it is not allowed to produce and sell NFTs for commercial purposes.
  • For example:
    • NFT of your avatar
    • NFT of art created by retouching one's avatar or using it as a motif
  • You are not allowed to create NFTs that violate other users' rights, or distribute NFTs in conjuction with your own account ownership rights or ZEPETO products.
  • The NFT value may be invalidated at the end of the ZEPETO service, and the NFT distributor must notify the other party of this to indemnify ZEPETO.
  • We are not responsible for any damage caused by transactions we did not allow.
  • Any violation of this guideline may result in loss in accordance with this guideline, and in the event of a dispute, it must be resolved at the user's own expense and ZEPETO must be indemnified from it.


Other Common ZEPETO UGC Creation Regulations

  1. ZEPETO IP(Intellectual Property) Content includes all works (World, avatar, item, video, image, game, text, story, graphics, music, live stream, etc.) created by the company to constitute and operate ZEPETO services.  All copyrights and other intellectual property rights for the contents in the service provided by the company belong to the company.
  2. UGC content and the form of use must meet the Terms of Use, Community Guidelines, Company Regulations, and laws of each country. 
  3. Creating and distributing UGC with content that may be mistaken for content produced officially by ZEPETO or Naver Z is prohibited.
  4. You must indicate the source when publishing UGC.
    • Source Example: 'Jump Master' World within ZEPETO service 
      • Company Name: Naver Z
      • Account Information: @ID from the profile
      • World Information: World code and name from the top of the World introduction page
      • IMG_14994086374B-1.jpeg
  5. For UGC that violates IP usage guidelines and regulations, ZEPETO has the right to immediately revoke the permission to use ZEPETO IP content, request that the UGC is taken down without prior notice, and restrict the use of ZEPETO services. 
  6. This guideline is a standard guide to enhance the creators' experiences with creating UGCs and can be modified at any time. Separate policies may be applied depending on individual cases. 
  7. These guidelines are effective while the Company operates ZEPETO, and will continue to apply regardless of account status.