Frequently Asked Questions about Proceeds Frequently Asked Questions about Proceeds

Frequently Asked Questions about Proceeds


Q. When will the proceeds be paid?


Classification Payment Schedule
Everyone who requested for the Payoneer payment (Regardless of whether there is a previous payment history or not) Request in month N →
Payment by the last week of month N + 1


Q. I requested for the proceeds, but I want to cancel it.

A. If all of the following conditions are met, the [Cancel Request] button will be available, and you can cancel the payment request. 

  • The status of the payment request is 'Requested'
  • It is within the payment request period (23rd~28th of every month)
  • It is within 7 days of making the payment request

For more information on how to cancel your payment request, check Here.

Q. The payment request was rejected due to 'Privacy Agreement' related issue.

A. Please check if the attached files are cut off or the quality is low and that the contents are legible. If it is difficult to identify the content and signature, the payment request may be rejected.

Please also make sure that your handwritten signatures are in all required fields. If any of them are missing, your payment request will be rejected.


Q. I changed the payment information (account information, attached file, etc.) after my payment request. Can the changes still be applied to the payment request?

A. If you change the information after requesting for payment, it will not be reflected in the existing request details. It will be applied starting from the next request, so please keep that in mind.



Q. Payment was not received through Payoneer, even though it says that the proceed have been paid.

A. Please check if there is a problem with your Payoneer account. If there is no problem, please contact the Payoneer customer service center.