ZEPETO Guardian's Guide FAQ ZEPETO Guardian's Guide FAQ

ZEPETO Guardian's Guide FAQ


Is there a usage fee?

  • Installing the ZEPETO app and using the basic functions itself is free.
  • However, you can choose to purchase currency (Coin, Zem) to purchase items in the app. In order to use ZEPETO's paid service, minors must have consent from their legal representative (although there may be some differences depending on country-specific policies).
  • Check prices of Coins and Zems.

If you would like a refund for a purchase made by accident


Are there age restrictions for use?

  • In Korea, the app is intended for users 14 years of age or older. If a child under the age of 14 uses the ZEPETO app, the legal representative's consent is required when signing up for membership.
  • According to national standards, in countries where COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule) applies, ages are specified differently. Users under that age cannot sign up for membership.
  • If you find users under the age of use or want to restrict their use, please leave a Customer Inquiry.

Can I restrict my child's use of ZEPETO?

  • Google and Apple device settings provide a parental control function that allows you to limit application time or paid payments.
  • Refer to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for how to set up parental controls.


In particular, pay attention to restrictions of privacy and content disclosure!

  • [Profile]-[⚙︎]-[Settings]-[Personal Information and Content], please be sure to check the extent of the child's profile disclosure.
  • Select the range of people who can send you messages from [All / Following / None]. For younger children, it is recommended to select [None] to prevent unnecessary messages from being received.
  • Select content visibility from [All / Followers / Following / None].
  • Profile information is visible to all users, even if it is a private account. Make sure your kids don't disclose personal information such as age, address, and phone number on their profile.

If you want to report inappropriate content or account

  • If you find a violation of our Terms of Use and Community Guidelines, please report it right within the app so that our review team can take action. You can report specific users, posts, or messages from within the app.
  • Block inappropriate account users right away and inform your kids how to report them so they don't receive messages.

In order to use ZEPETO safely and effectively, it is recommended that parents or guardians actively participate in understanding the status of their children's service use. Please talk with your children and guide them on how to use the service correctly and how to deal with problems, such as community activity manners, personal information protection, and payment for paid items.