We have an active Moderation system in place. We have an active Moderation system in place.

We have an active Moderation system in place.


ZEPETO Company is trying to preemptively filter out and prevent posting of content that violates community guidelines by using the latest technology in Moderation.

Protection system monitoring targets include:

  • Image, video content
  • Chat, text banned words
  • Content in violation of copyright
  • Abusing the purchase of goods
  • Age of users who can use the service, etc.

If you are flagged by the protection system, the following penalties are automatically applied.

  • Content deletion and hiding
  • Account suspension by time period
  • Restrictions on the use of ZEPETO services
  • Exclusion from content search results and Feed referrals

We are constantly working to expand the scope of our protection system's monitoring targets. Nevertheless, if you find any content, account or service usage that violates the guidelines that are not technically filtered out by the protection system, please proactively report it. When making a report, submit the URL of the post you want to report and the reason for reporting the post so that the department can review your inquiry more quickly and accurately.

Parents should also actively inform their children how to report and block users. It is of utmost importance to always make sure that they are using ZEPETO correctly through ongoing conversations with your children and that they are always careful not to disclose personal information online. Please remind them to immediately speak to parents/guardians if they are bullied or experienced inappropriate or offensive behavior.