Keeping our ZEPETO community safe Keeping our ZEPETO community safe

Keeping our ZEPETO community safe



We want our users, creators, and community to thrive on our platform with the many features we provide to support their creativity, free expression, and meaningful connections. We make play powerful and the metaverse accessible. However, when it comes to providing a safe environment for our community, we have firm limits. At ZEPETO, we do not allow content or conduct that impedes other users’ safety.

We are committed to being transparent, fair, and firm in our enforcement of Community Guidelines, grounded by our key policy values of safety, inclusion, diversity, dignity, and creativity.

Content moderation

All user generated content (“UGC”) including– but not limited to– image, video, text, live streaming, and audio are actively monitored by intelligent technology and human moderation.

Technology: ZEPETO deploys a powerful AI solution to detect and triage abuse. We also deploy targeted AI tools, like anti-grooming classifiers, to look for specific types of abuse. ZEPETO is committed to developing more effective solutions to broaden our detection capabilities.

Human moderation: ZEPETO’s dedicated Safety team works around the clock and around the globe to monitor for inappropriate content. Our Safety team is laser-focused on removing potentially harmful contents and items that violate our Community Guidelines, Studio Content Guidelines, and Terms and Use.

How to report

If you come across content or an account on ZEPETO that you feel has violated ZEPETO's Terms of Use or Community Guidelines, you can file a user report.

Your reports are essential in creating a positive and enjoyable ZEPETO experience for everyone, as well as helping shape a safer metaverse overall. Every report is sent to a member of our moderation team for review and actioned accordingly. Reporting is safe and anonymous. Your identity will never be revealed or shared to the reported party or to the public.

Reporting an account

  • Click the [⋮] button
  • Click the [Report]
  • Choose a reporting reason

Reporting in Feed

  • Click [...] button
  • Click the [Report]
  • Choose a reporting reason

Reporting a comment

  • Comments on your post
    • Long press the comment
    • Click the [Report] button
    • Choose a reporting reason
    • You also have an option to delete the comment by clicking [Delete]
  • Comments on another user’s post
    • Long press the comment
    • Click the [Report] button
    • Choose a reporting reason

Reporting a chat in World or a direct message

  • Long press the message
  • Click the [Report] button
  • Choose a reporting reason
  • You also have an option to delete the comment by clicking [Delete]

Reporting a Crew

  • Click the [≡] button
  • Click the [Report]
  • Choose a reporting reason

Reporting an item

  • Choose Item
  • Click [Details >] button
  • Click [⋮] button next to Buy
  • Click the [Report]
  • Choose a reporting reason

Reporting a ZEPETO Live Creator

  • Click the username in the top left corner
  • Click the [⋮] button
  • Click the [Report]
  • Choose a reporting reason

Reporting a comment in a Live stream

  • Long press the comment
  • Click the [Report] button
  • Choose a reporting reason

How to block

You are able to block users that you do not want to see or interact with.

On the account

  • Click the [⋮] button
  • Click the [Block]

In World

There are two different methods to block a user, depending on the World you are in:

Type I

Tap the user’s avatar or click the purple icon in the top left corner to view all of the users present in the World

  • Click the user’s name
  • Click the block icon

Type II

  • Click the home icon in the top left corner
  • Click the [⋮] icon next to the user’s name
  • Select [Block]


In Worlds, you can mute the audio coming from other users:

  • Click the mic icon in the top left corner
  • Click the mic icon next to the user that you wish to mute

We encourage our community to speak up and report any potentially violative activity or behavior.

After you file a report

While submitting a report, you have the option to block the user you are reporting. After you submit your report, you will receive a submission confirmation message at the top of your screen.

You will be notified:

  • When your reported account or content is actioned on.
  • If the reported content or user did not violate ZEPETO's Terms of use or Community Guidelines.

Reporting off-platform behaviors

Our virtual lives are interconnected across different platforms and have a direct impact on our real-world lives. To ensure the safety of our community, we will take high-harm off-platform behaviors into consideration when reviewing accounts for Community Guideline violations. Off-platform behaviors refer to any activity taking place outside of ZEPETO, either in other virtual spaces or in a physical community. High-harm off-platform behaviors can include, but are not limited to, sexualizing children in any way; promoting violent extremism; and coordinating or threatening violence that can cause real-world physical harm. If we become aware of a user’s harmful off-platform behavior with credible evidence, our safety team may launch an investigation into the account.

These additional steps will be taken only with credible evidence, including but not limited to:

  • Public content posted on another platform by a ZEPETO user
  • Law enforcement requests or actions
  • Legal requests or actions
  • Press coverage by a reliable journalistic source

How to appeal

If the ZEPETO team rules that you, your content, or account has violated our Community Guidelines, it will be actioned accordingly. However, if you were subject to an erroneous enforcement action, you have the ability to appeal. 

How to submit an appeal form (please note, only the owner of the reported account can appeal an enforcement action):

  • Submit your appeal here. Please make sure to include:
    • Your email address: Tell us where we can reach you with our decision.
    • ZEPETO ID: Please include your ZEPETO ID or ZEPETO code so we can accurately identify and review your account. 
    • Description: Provide as much detail as possible on the reason for your appeal. Use the Attachment section to include any supporting documents.

Once your appeal has been reviewed, you will receive a notification about the status of your case. If ZEPETO determines that your appeal is valid, your account restrictions will be lifted and you will regain full access. Please note that if you’ve already deleted your account, we will not be able to restore your account.

For DMCA related inquiries, please visit the Intellectual Property Policy page.

Privacy Settings

Having control over your privacy is foundational to feeling safe. While there are volumes of amazing content to experience and create in ZEPETO, each user must decide their own comfort levels on who is able to see their posts, view their network, privately message them, and tag them in content or comments.

In our Privacy settings, users have the option to set their preferences to allow access either to people they follow, anyone in ZEPETO, or no one. For private messaging features, they have the ability to allow access to both followers and people they follow, anyone, or no one.

Privacy and Contents setting

  • Click the “Setting” icon on your profile
  • Click “Privacy and Contents”
    • In Privacy, select:
      • Message controls
        • Who can message me 1:1
        • Who can invite me to a group chat
      • Who can invite me to the World?
      • Who can see my following and followers list?
      • Who can see my online status?
    • In “Contents”
      • Who can take photo booths with me
      • Who can see my posts?
      • Who can see my tagged posts?
      • Who can tag me on posts?
      • Hidden Post
    • For Gifts
      • People who can send me gifts
    • Record
      • Save content with ZEPETO ID


  • Anyone
  • Following & Followers
  • Followers People who follow you
  • Following People who you follow
  • None

Users have the ability to disable comments on any post before uploading their content on ZEPETO. To turn off commenting:

  • In the Upload screen, tap the toggle next to “Allow comment”
    • Purple: Comments are allowed
    • Gray: Comments are disabled