Frequently encountered problems Frequently encountered problems

Frequently encountered problems


Here are some examples of frequently occurring problems in ZEPETO. Parents should inform young users of the following cases to prevent them from experiencing financial and psychological difficulties.


* Unofficial ZEM and Coin Generator (Hack)

The only ways that ZEMs, Coins, and Slot goods can be obtained are by purchasing from the ZEPETO official app or Coda Shop, or by acquiring them through activities within the official app. Beware of potential scammers (ZEM and Coin generators (ex. hacks) advertised on external sites other than ZEPETO's official app).


* ZEM and Coin discount event

Beware of advertisements on other sites or social media stating that ZEMs or Coins are on sale for cheaper prices than the official sales unit. It could be a scam to steal account information or to take money without delivering the promised goods.


* Sharing of gifts and gift cards

There are times when people promise to give out a gift card code for an item or to make a purchase, but they do not deliver. Alternatively, some people may gift abnormally or inappropriately obtained items, or give information for gift card codes that have already been used and have expired. Beware of conflicts between users due to fraudulent activity.


* Proxy customization, account sales transaction

Proxy customization is the act of having someone else decorate your avatar for you. Users often pay cash, ZEMs, Coins, or item currency in exchange for improving the look of his/her avatar, and share account information in the process of doing so. Account hijacking cases have been reported during this process, so be careful not to share your account information with others. Trading and sharing your account is against the Terms of Use, and may lead to account deletion.


Proactively report any content, account, or service usage that violates our Community Guidelines.

Parents, please actively inform children on how to report and block users. It is of utmost importance to always have ongoing conversations with your child to make sure they are using ZEPETO correctly, and ensure that they don't disclose personal information online. Please remind your children to speak to a parent/guardian immediately if they are being harassed, or experience anything inappropriate on this platform.

When reporting, submit the URL of the post you want to report, and the reason for reporting the post for your submission to be reviewed in a timely manner.