[ZEPETOR Class] Frequently Asked Questions about ZEPETOR [ZEPETOR Class] Frequently Asked Questions about ZEPETOR

[ZEPETOR Class] Frequently Asked Questions about ZEPETOR


Q. When does the ZEPETOR Class start?

A. The ZEPETOR Class program is a program where communication between users is important, so it is held during the vacation season where people can contact each other more comfortably.

Please note that it will be opened through the ZEPETOR Zea account by country during the summer (July-August) and winter (December-February) vacation season, and if you are curious about the ZEPETOR Class program activities, please refer to the "ZEPETOR Class" content in the ZEPETOR Zea account's feed post.


Q. Where can I apply for the mentor and mentee of the ZEPETOR Class?

A. ZEPETOR Class mentor/mentee support can be applied through class recruitment notice on ZEPETOR Zea's account. You cannot apply when the recruitment period is closed, so please apply according to the schedule.

The class mentor/mentee recruitment notice will inform you of the schedule a week before the class opens, so for smoother support, we encourage you to follow ZEPETOR Zea's account.


Q. I have an experience as a mentor and mentee for the ZEPETOR Class. Can I apply again?

A. In the ZEPETOR class, both mentors and mentees can participate again without restriction.

For mentros and mentees who have experience, we provide the opportunity to work again based on the satisfaction and evaluation of the previous leader.

Also, those who have been active and sincere during the class can participate again. However those please note that re-entry may be difficult for those who have been insincere or have left the program without permission.


Q. By working through the ZEPETOR Class, can anyone be recruited as ZEPETOR?

A. ZEPETOR Class activities alone do not give you the opportunity to be recruited as ZEPETOR.
Not all of the people selected as the best mentees are recruited, but selective recruitment is carried out after review from the operators for outstanding mentees.

If you were selected as the best mentee but didn't get hired as a ZEPETOR, we suggest you to try again as we will continue to conduct classes!


Q. Is it possible to boost the external advertising feed?

A. Please understand that according to the feed boost standard, other than the official ZEPETO events, it is not possible to boost advertising event by external sources.


Q. Is it possible to open a new subject for the ZEPETOR Class?

A. If you explain in detail about the subjects you want to add to the ZEPETOR class, we will refer to them when opening a new subject.
Please understand that it may be difficult to reflect all the subjects you shared, and if there is a subject that many people would like and be interested in, we will try to add them as a class subject.


Q. I want to create a template. How can I get production rights?

A. Unfortunately, creation templates are limited to Creators who are currently officially active.
We will try to make it so that more users can create freely n the future.


Q. There's a problem with the template.
(Sound source pushed, sound bouncing, character ratio collapsing, etc.)

A. If you have any problems with your template, please attach the template error video through Customer Center to help improve it!
We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, and we will try to fix the error and provide a stable environment.