Collectem FAQs Collectem FAQs

Collectem FAQs


We have prepared some frequently asked questions about Collectem.


About Collectem

Q. When I try to use the Collectem, I get a pop-up saying 'Invalid attempt.'

A. To ensure a pleasant and secure environment for all users, the ZEPETO team reviews and takes action against any behavior that violates our Community Guidelines and Terms of Use.While using a Collectem, you'll receive a pop-up notification if the following unusual activity is detected:

  1. Creating numerous accounts simultaneously.
  2. Logging in excessively with multiple accounts to send Miles gifts.

If any of these activities are detected, access to Collectem may be restricted. Please note that you can only participate using the initial account that accessed Collectem on your device. Please engage with Collectem fairly and responsibly.


Q. Where can I find the Collectem items?

A. You can check the Collectem items from the Collectem acquisition menu and My closet. However, the reward items based on draw counts will be provided through the gift box.


Q: Is there a way to buy the items I get from Collectem somewhere else in the future?

A: Items in Collectem can only be obtained through Collectem events, and they cannot be purchased through other channels such as Avatar Shop.


Q: What are the chances of picking each item?

A: Please refer to the following for Collectem chance information. > Link Chance


Q. Can I gift Collectem to a friend?

A. Unfortunately, you can't gift a Collectem to friends, but you can gift Miles instead!


About Reward Item

Q. How can I purchase the reward item?

A. The item on the left side of the event page is a reward item based on the number of draws. We'll give you a special item to your Gift Box based on the number of times you've pulled an item with Collectem!


About Miles

Q. Will my remaining miles be available for the next collection event?

A. When a collection event period ends, your miles will also expire at the same time and will not be available for the next collection. Thus, please use them all within the ongoing collection event period.


Q: Is there any way to convert Miles into ZEMs?

A: Once earned, miles cannot be redeemed for ZEMs and can only be spent by drawing Collectems.



Q. I can't pull an item.

A. Please check if the account you logged into is not a guest account, and check the ZEM balance. If you have enough ZEMs and still can't draw, check to see if you've exceeded your daily limit of 100 draws. The daily limit resets at 0:00 (UTC+9) each day.


Q. I didn't receive an item after I used up my ZEMs.

A. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact customer service for further assistance.