My character has been reset/copied/duplicated. My character has been reset/copied/duplicated.

My character has been reset/copied/duplicated.


1. Character Reset

Don't panic that it's been reset! Firstly check the ZEPETO ID !

If the ZEPETO ID is changed, your character is not reset, but you've been logged into a new account.

But if the ZEPETO ID is the same and your character has been reset, please contact us right away with your ZEPETO ID.


2. Character Copy/Duplicate

If you have multiple character slots, please check that you are working on the correct character. 
Also, please keep in mind that you cannot restore a previous version of your character after it has been modified and saved. 

If your character has been copied/duplicated, please contact us with the following requested information. 


[Requested Information]

  • Date of Issue
  • Description of Problem (ex. I changed my character's outfit in a World and the appearance changed)
  • Slot number of the character you would like to restore (ex. I want to recover the character on the second slot)
  • Date you want the character to restore to (ex. I want to restore the character appearance from Dec 17th)
  • Image of character before issue (if you have an image, please attach it)


Please note, in the following cases, it is not possible to recover your character.

  • If more than 7 days have passed since the time of reset/copy
  • When you reset the character by clicking the reset button yourself
  • When you have changed the appearance of your character yourself, but want to restore to the previous version
  • If you saved custom modification(s) after resetting/copying the character