[Build it] Can I create a map for a company/group's promotion/event? [Build it] Can I create a map for a company/group's promotion/event?

[Build it] Can I create a map for a company/group's promotion/event?


You can create a World for promotional purposes (group/organization events, etc.).

However, if there is a brand logo or related image that indicates the company, please send the following information to the customer center before submitting the review.

  • Map Code / World Name
  • Creator's ZEPETO ID
  • Information of the company/organization
  • Purpose of using the world
  • Evidential Material
    • Ex.) Business license, trademark registration certificate, other official documents, etc., which can confirm the ownership of the brand or prove that it was produced by an outsourcing company through a contract, etc


※ If there is any missing information, the World review may be rejected for reasons such as trademark infringement and commercial activity.


[Things to Consider]

  • Images and texts that include QR codes, URLs, or hashtags may be rejected.
  • If you promote an event through an image uploaded in the World, it is difficult to change the status of the event which can cause communication issues with users. Thus, we recommend utilizing your feed to provide event updates. 
  • World review submissions that include video content will automatically be rejected, and image content that infringes copyright and/or is inappropriate will be rejected. 
  • It may take more than 2 weeks for a World to be reviewed.
  • Worlds are reviewed in the order they are submitted, so please make sure you submit with enough extra time.
  • If you would like an official collaboration with ZEPETO, please email us separately.
  • All submissions undergo a thorough review to provide a safe and fun experience for all ZEPETO users.
  • If the World is found that it does not meet the ZEPETO guidelines after it is published, it may still be removed.

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