[Buildit] It was rejected due to 'thumbnail lacking completion.' [Buildit] It was rejected due to 'thumbnail lacking completion.'

[Buildit] It was rejected due to 'thumbnail lacking completion.'


Thumbnail serves to introduce other users on behalf of the world I made.

Therefore, if the thumbnail does not represent the world well, lacks relevance, or is judged to be difficult for users to recognize, it may be rejected during the screening process.


If the submitted world was rejected in the examination due to the lack of completeness image, see if the thumbnail you registered corresponds to the following cases, then correct it and resubmit it!


The following thumbnails may be rejected in the review.

  • If you have too many backgrounds and look empty overall: Take the most representative location in the World/build it you've created to make the object visible and reduce the amount of empty space .
  • If it is made only with letters or regular images, and not with pictures in the World: Make thumbnails using objects placed in the actual World. Take a panoramic view of the World, add characters or text, or use a combination of text + ZEPETO characters.
  • If you use images irrelevant to the World you made: Make sure that you didnt use a screen from a World other than the World that you made, or an image that does not represent the World and the creator. Thumbnail should utilize the image related to the World you made.

 ▼ Examples of rejected thumbnails

Reason for Rejection Image Example How to Fix
It's a picture of the World view, but the image feels empty due to many sky and blanks. image__69_.png Please reduce the empty area compared to the total size. Zoom in and capture objects installed in the World for better visibility, or utilize a footage of playing in the actual World.
Image feels empty because there are too few visible objects. image2022-8-4_16-41-25.png

If you make good use of objects in thumbnails, you can effectively appeal to the users about the special characteristics of the World.

Place the location you want to show the most in the World as a thumbnail! It will be much more eye-catching than thumbnails with fewer objects.

Images that are difficult to identify the World's features image2022-8-4_16-42-26.png

Thumbnail is an image that allows users to grasp the appeal of the World before visiting it.

Why don't you take a picture of the whole view of the World so that you can capture the characteristics of the World, and put the avatar and text that fit the World's atmosphere on it?

Image that violates copyright playMapThumbnailRegular.jpeg

Images inserted into a custom object may not directly contain or imply other content and brands, such as movies, games, and broadcasts.

Please use images that do not violate the community guidelines and copyrights.


In addition to completion, thumbnails that violate the Review guidelines may be rejected during the review process. Check the review guidelines thoroughly and make attractive thumbnails for many users to be drawn to!