What is a License Information? What is a License Information?

What is a License Information?


Did you create a World or Items through your own work or commercially available resources?
In that case, please submit the relevant evidence through 'License Information' when registering the World and Items.



Registering License Information 

If you are including images associated with brand logos or products, please register the license information on the following screen.

  • Please select 'Yes' under [License Information].
  • Please attach a certificate or contract to prove that you own the brand or to confirm the contractual relationship.
    • Ex.) Business license, trademark registration certificate, other official documents, etc., which can confirm the ownership of the brand or prove that it was produced by an outsourcing company through a contract, etc.
  • Please enter a brief description of the attached evidence, including brand ownership or contract details.
    • If you don't write a description, it may be rejected during review process, so please don't forget to enter it.


License information_us.png

License information registration is required in following cases.
Look at the examples of materials that can be used as evidence and register the appropriate materials and descriptions!

Classifications Types Examples of Required Evidence
Item, and World In the case where personal works (directly drawn illustrations, patterns, modeling resources, etc.) are used
  • Video or image that can be confirmed during the drawing or crafting process
    • Approval is not possible if only an image is attached as the design process must also be confirmable
  • Already completed images or simple snapshots cannot be approved
    • Production process video
    • Attached files, including Photoshop/Illustrator, that may confirm the production process
  • If you upload and operate your work on social media - evidence or uploaded images that can certify that the account is yours
In the case of using images or resources purchased from paid/free sites
  • Link to that image/resource
  • For paid images/resources - evidence that can verify your purchase (Purchase details that include images of resource used for item production)

The above 2 must be included. If you have additional data, please attach them together.

*Cannot be used if the resource or license is prohibited from commercial resale, even if the resource is free or license is purchased (e.g. Pixabay, Adobe Stock standard license, etc.)

In the case of utilizing generative AI
  • AI image source link or screenshot image
  • For paid AI images/resources - evidence that can verify your purchase
  • Additional attachments to check the AI image creation process
In the case of collaborating with businesses/organizations
  • Evidence to prove that the copyright owner has agreed to the use
In the case where other evidence is deemed necessary
  • Evidence that can prove copyright ownership or prove there are no related issues
World When using a sound source
  • Free sound source: Title and link of used sound source (if source entry is required, it is recommended to includ it in the World Introduction)
  • Paid music/music composed by oneself: Evidence that proves he/she did not entrust to the Copyright Association, or evidence that can certify that it is his/her own, created song



Disclaimers for Registering License Information

  • Register documentation and description only if you need to register the license information. If you do not need to fill out the license information, but still check the license information [Yes], the approval will not be possible.
  • In the [Description] column of the license information, only fill out the contents for proof of copyright (description of the attached certificate/contract). If you write something unrelated to the attached file description or other inappropriate content in the license information, approval will not be possible.
  • If you produced Items and Worlds with images or resources purchased from paid/free sites, make sure to check in advance whether secondary processing and sales are possible. However, even if the Item and World are approved, sales may be suspended and collected at the request of the original author.
  • Proof required at all times when the same item is submitted in different designs or colors.
  • Approval denied if the item is deemed to be similar to an actual brand or intellectual property(IP).