What is generative AI?

Generative AI refers to a branch of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms that generate new outputs based on the data they have been trained on. Unlike traditional AI systems that are designed to recognize patterns and make predictions, generative AI creates new content in the form of images, text, audio, and more. With its ability to create original content based on existing data, generative AI has a potential to reshape how we produce and consume content.  


How does ZEPETO use generative AI?

We use generative AI as a tool for creative inspirations 

The ZEPETO team leverages generative AI tools to get creative inspiration, streamline the creative process and provide high-quality content to our users. Some of the content we create with the assistance of generative AI may include, but is not limited to:

  • Marketing assets and brand resources 
  • Profile Interior items
  • Photo Booths
  • Avatar items

We provide generative AI as a tool to empower our creators

Our upcoming Avatar Retouching service, set to launch in September 2023, allows our users to generate multiple variations of avatar profile images. The service is provided via our in-house generative AI tool. 

On ZEPETO Studio, we’ve integrated a 3rd-party content creation tool that allows anybody to create avatar items using simple prompts and keywords.  

*For above purposes, we only use images that we have obtained the necessary rights for commercial use. 


Does ZEPETO disclose the use of generative AI in its content? 

Disclosure of Generative AI Usage on ZEPETO Official Content and Services

Starting with the launch of Avatar Profile service, we will begin disclosing the use of generative AI on our own content creations. 

In our Avatar shop, we will distinctly mark all items and content that are created by the ZEPETO team with the help of generative AI. In labeling, we will use a customized logo to help our users easily identify AI-assisted content.

This logo will be applied across all of our official Avatar shop offerings and services. This applies regardless of the degree of human input in the overall production process. 




Self-disclosure Mechanisms for ZEPETO Creators

We're in the process of developing a disclosure and labeling system for our Studio Creator content. In the meantime, we ask our creators to use the hashtag #AIGenerated to indicate when their content was created with AI assistance.


What is ZEPETO’s approach to AI? 

We believe that AI, especially generative AI, has tremendous potential to help humans create faster and easier. We are also aware that the technology comes with potential risks that need to be actively managed to ensure we all benefit from it. 

Read our blog post to learn more about our approach to AI and what steps we are taking toward a responsible use and deployment of AI, including generative AI.


I am a ZEPETO Studio Creator. Can I upload content assisted by generated AI on ZEPETO Studio?

Yes, if the content follows our Community Guidelines, relevant Studio Guidelines and you have all rights to submit AI generated content to NAVER Z for licensing and use per our Studio Terms of Use.  It's the creator's responsibility to confirm they have the necessary rights to use AI-generated content in ZEPETO Studio. Creators need to carefully check the terms and conditions of the AI tools and applications they use to ensure their AI-generated content can be uploaded to ZEPETO Studio.

Remember, the content generated with AI is subject to our Intellectual Property Policy, just as any other content available on ZEPETO. Therefore, if we receive Copyright Infringement Reports from Copyright holders, we will take appropriate actions.

We're in the process of developing a disclosure and labeling system for our Studio Creator content. In the meantime, we ask our creators to use the hashtag #AIGenerated to indicate when their content was created with AI assistance.


What if I don’t disclose my use of generative AI?

We are striving to create a transparent and responsible AI usage culture. We believe that by sharing when we use AI, we help people better understand what they're seeing and make informed decisions. We ask our community to join us in this effort and support the cause by disclosing their use of generative AI. 


Where can I find ZEPETO’s Intellectual Property Policy? How can I report copyright infringements?

ZEPETO takes intellectual property rights seriously and recognizes their significance in fostering expression and creativity in our community. 

Copyright holders have the right to prohibit others from copying or distributing the original creation. As a copyright owner, you may file a Copyright Infringement Report to request removal of the infringing content from ZEPETO platform.