[Studio - Item] It was rejected during review process for reasons related to community guidelines violation. [Studio - Item] It was rejected during review process for reasons related to community guidelines violation.

[Studio - Item] It was rejected during review process for reasons related to community guidelines violation.


Items created by Creators can be freely purchased and worn by all users around the world.
Thus, in order to ensure that users of all ages and cultures can enjoy your items, please create them according to the Community Guidelines.


According to the Community Guidelines(revised on July 29, 2022) and the Studio Content Guidelines, the ZEPETO team does not allow content that glamorizes or elicits violent behavior. Therefore, approval is not possible for the following content that is deemed to be sexually explicit, violent, includes prohibited items, or infringes upon the rights of others.

  • Suggestive items: Items that depict excessive exposure, underwear items, items with excessive underwear exposure, etc.
  • Violent-natured items: Items that depict blood/bruises/wounds, weapons, items that are not directly weapons but can be utilized as weapons, etc.
  • Items that include banned features: Alcohol/smoking/drugs, or items that are not directly these products but can be associated with them


Please refer to the following image for the body exposure guide specified by ZEPETO.


  • In the image above, the blacked-out areas are designated as areas that must not be exposed under any circumstances. If it is determined that these areas are exposed, your submission may be rejected.
  • Even if you cover the required coverage area, you may be rejected in the following cases.
    • The item is of a type not permitted by ZEPETO (e.g., nipple patch style items, underwear items, bikini tops, etc.)
    • Suggest inappropriate or suggestive themes (e.g., sexual objectification of certain professions, expressions of sexual fetishism, etc.)
  • If an outfit item contains body image representation, it may be subject to additional interpretation and approval/rejection based on internal review criteria.



If your item has been denied in the revision process for the reason of 'Community guideline violation', please check if it corresponds to any of the following examples, make amendments and submit it again!


For items that violate the guidelines that were approved prior to the revision of the community guidelines, we are reviewing the eligibility for sale based on continuous monitoring and user reports. Therefore, if you come across items that violate the community guidelines, please report them using the 'Report Item' feature.


Types Examples How to Improve

Items with excessive exposure and suggestive content




  • Items with unnecessary or excessive body part exposure


  • Please make sure there is no excessive exposure of the breasts or buttocks during creation.
    • Approval is not possible if nipples or areolas are exposed outside of clothing
    • Approval is not possible if patches attached to nipples or areolas are intentionally exposed
    • Approval is not possible if the side of the breast is visible in a form that does not adhere closely to the body
  • Please do not include items with exposure that is inappropriate for use by users of all ages.
    • Approval is not possible if the area that should be covered by underwear is exposed without any underwear
    • Approval is not possible if male genitalia is excessively highlighted
  • Swimwear items that have the tops and bottoms created separately
  • Please create swimwear with the top and bottom as a set.
    • Not approved if there is a possibility that the top and bottom of the swimsuit may be produced separately and utilized for inappropriate content production
  • Item that includes expression of sexual objectification for a specific occupation group
  • Cosplay clothes that sexualize a particular job cannot be approved
  • Uniforms with excessive exposure cannot be approved.
  • Specific Exposure Standards
  • Underboob Items
    • At least 4/5 of breasts must be covered
  • Swimwear Items
    • At least 1/3 of buttocks must be covered
  • Short Pants Items
    • At least 2/3 of buttocks must be covered
  • Inappropriate items
    • Whips
    • Leashes
  • Items that may serve an inappropriate purpose will not be approved.
  • If the item is designed as an accessory, the leash length must be shorter than chest level.

Bottoms that expose underwear (items with open buckles on pants or skirts)

  • Bottoms that expose the underwear by having open buckles will not be permitted.

Items that directly depict underwear

  • Items such as underwear and lingerie will not be permitted.
  • Underwear that is not swimwear will not be approved.

Items that depict bloodstains, bruises, or wounds




  • Items depicting injuries or damage in any form will not be approved.
    • Approval is not possible if faint bruises, redness, or any other form of discoloration is depicted
    • Approval is not possible if the surrounding areas of bandaids or bandages are depicted in a red color
    • Approval is not possible if bloodshot eyes are depicted
    • Approval is not possible if the item evokes the impression of bloodstains or wounds, even if it is not red in color

Items that use kiss marks



  • Kiss marks displayed on the lips, neck, and other parts of the body that can be used inappropriately will not be permitted.
  • Kiss marks on areas of the face and back of hands, excluding lips and neck, are allowed to a limited extent. However, if such items are being reproduced for inappropriate purposes, they may have their sales suspended.

Items that include profanities

  • T-shirt items with profanities written on them
  • Item thumbnails where the avatar is making a vulgar finger gesture
  • Please make sure to not include profanities in the item or its thumbnail.

Weapon Items

  • Items determined to be weapons or can be used as a weapon will not be permitted.
  • Only official items under unavoidable circumstances, such as sponsored items, may have weapons provided with restrictions in the form of being wielded on a body part other than the hands (e.g. on the waist).

Items that include banned features such as liquor bottles, cigarettes, and drugs

  • Lollipops and pens that can be mistaken for cigarettes
  • Hand-held cup items that contain wine-colored liquids
  • Hand-held weapon items including knives, axes, and bats
  • Weapons equipped on body parts other than the hand (e.g. on the waist) such as swords
  • Even if the above conditions are not intended, items that can be misunderstood or inappropriately used can be rejected.
  • Please do not create items that depict cigarettes and alcohol products that users of all ages cannot use.
  • Please do not create weapon items that can be used to express violent behavior.


For more details, please refer to the Community Guidelines and Studio Content Guidelines.